Top 10 Apps Every Fashion Designer Should Have on Their iPhone

Top 10 Apps Every Fashion Designer Should Have on Their iPhone

There are a tonne of apps in the App Store that will enable you to work more efficiently. The Top 10 Apps That Every Fashion Designer Should Have on Their iPhone are listed below. You may boost creativity, make more interesting collections, and save money with the aid of these applications. Along with these programmes, we’ve reviewed Illustrator, ColorSnap, Stylicious, and Cameo v5 Apparel. Hopefully, these will be helpful to you.

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ColorSnap, that employs modern technology, is a vital resource for any fashion designer. This software provides concepts for matching colours and assists you in matching colours using pictures. On the app, users can pick from a variety of colours in order to get an accurate portrayal. The app may be used throughout multiple operating systems and installed on the majority of devices. The ability to combine colours to create the ideal outfit is one of the numerous advantages of this software for fashion designers.

Cameo v5 Apparel:

The Cameo v5 Apparel app gives designers various technical drawing tools, including lay markers, to produce standardized or customized apparel designs. Its features range from geometric mannequins to advanced art effects. CorelDRAW is a powerful image editing app with an ML-powered tracing feature, and it offers a host of tools and impressive art effects.


If you’re a fashion designer, you know the right tools are crucial. One of the most useful tools is Stylicious. This mobile and tablet app can help you organize your entire wardrobe. Sort your clothes by tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, and more. Then, you can slide horizontal strips to create outfits. You can even track how many times you’ve worn each item of clothing by using the “wear history” feature.


Adobe Illustrator is a powerful program that many fashion designers use to create flat sketches, technical spec drawings, and styling details. Although this program is somewhat complex for beginners, many resources are available to help designers learn how to use it. If you are not a technical designer, enroll in one of Sew Heidi’s free webinars or sign up for one of the many free training classes available.

Moda Operandi:

The Moda Operandi app is a fantastic resource for getting the newest trends before they hit the shelves. You may look like the priciest celebs thanks to its upscale styles, and you can browse for your preferred designer outfits in advance. Former Vogue editor Lauren Santo Domingo developed this app, which puts hundreds of companies at your fingertips. Additionally, there are trunk displays where you may view designer clothing before it is available in stores.

Pantone Connect:

It’s a handy app that matches your colors with Pantone hues. This app allows you to upload digital inspiration images to see how each color will look on various values, including sRGB, HEX, CMYK, and grayscale. It also lets you store your palette securely and easily compare it to light and dark backgrounds. This app is useful for creating shared visions of color schemes and collaboration with clients. It lets you find the closest match to an inspiration palette and allows you to work with a client on a project.


You’ve definitely heard of WGSN, a trend-forecasting service used by well-known businesses and academic institutions, if you work in the fashion industry. While WGSN is a well-liked option for bigger firms, small businesses and students should try it out first without obligation. Before investing a lot of money on a service like this, you should, however, take into account alternate sources.


With the help of the augmented reality software SketchAR, fashion designers can sketch and see their creations in three dimensions. The programme allows designers to immediately doodle on a real-life model or mannequin while projecting a virtual representation of a piece of apparel. This may be a helpful tool for producing designs that are more accurate and realism.

Sewing Kit:

A complete programme named Sewing Kit provides fashion designers an extensive selection of tools to aid in the creation of their creations. A dimension converter, a material estimator, an embroidery library, and a design generator are all included in the software. Designers can quickly organise and carry out their sewing tasks with the help of these tools.


A wardrobe management tool called Stylebook lets fashion designers arrange their clothes and accessories. Users of the app may submit pictures of their apparel to create digital groups. In addition, it has a calendar function that may be used by designers to plan their outfits in advance. A stylebook could be an asset for organizing your clothing collection and coming up with in their natural state outfit ideas.


The fashion market is continuously changing, therefore it’s important for any fashion designer to keep current with the newest styles and innovations. These applications, which include ColorSnap, Cameo v5 Apparel, Stylicious, Illustrator, Moda Operandi, Pantone Connect, and WGSN, are wonderful resources that may assist designers with a variety of tasks, including colour matching, technical sketching, trend prediction, and more. These tools help designers work more effectively and smartly, which results in better designs and, eventually, success in the fashion business.

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