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GIFs on Instagram: Drive Consumer Engagement for Business Growth

As of now, Instagram is the darling of social media ambit for marketers. It’s not hard to decipher this part because at least 13% of the global population is on it. 80% of that 13% follow brands. Forrester states that you measure engagement by consumers’ likes, comments and shares. In Today’s Article we are going […]

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Impact of Social Media

The Impact of Social Media Platforms on the Society

Social Media has become a part of our society. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp are keeping people connected and informed all around the world. Leaders and those who are at the forefront of building the society are using social media to network with the society. Today, teens and adults are spending about eight to […]

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The Reasons for Growth of Internet Marketing, Should Get Attention

The Reasons for Growth of Internet Marketing in Brief

A huge ultimate supply for heavy traffic, attractive customers and making profit in bulk to your business designates to Internet Marketing. It announces itself as a very private mode of interaction for building relationship with your prospects. It’s not only about opening fire on masses with text messages but the internet friendly sites and internet […]

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