How to Send Forms Details to an Email? – CSS Tutorial

In this tutorial I’m going to teach you how to create a simple contact form that you can use anywhere you want and by hitting the Send Button how to send forms detail to you through an email. I’ll show you how to connect your email with the contact form so that when the user wants to send you a message, all they’ll have to do is enter their email and then the message, it’s that easy. I’ve also uploaded source files so you should not be having any difficulty. Let’s get started!

Slice Your Mock Up to Make Website – Part III

This is the third and final part of Slice your Mock-Up to Make Website. In this part I would be telling you how to make Link having Mouse over behavior, how to give Bullets in CSS, how to put Flash while it will be Validated through W3C Validator, also how you can Float Pictures on DIV. So this is also very important tutorial, hope like the two tutorials before, you have practiced a lot. These techniques are used to Slice your Mock-Up to make website.

Slice your Mock-up to Make Website – Part I

Here I’m going to tell you some secrets. I hope these would be very rare and by using these technique anybody can become Web Designer. I’m going to tell you how you can convert your Template into Website by using Slice and Dice technique in CSS. It will be very long tutorial, because I’m going to convert a whole project into Website. So get ready for that. Here is the part 1 of Slice your Mock-Up to Make Website.

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