How to Send Forms Details to an Email? – CSS Tutorial

In this tutorial I’m going to teach you how to create a simple contact form that you can use anywhere you want and by hitting the Send Button how to send forms detail to you through an email. I’ll show you how to connect your email with the contact form so that when the user wants to send you a message, all they’ll have to do is enter their email and then the message, it’s that easy. I’ve also uploaded source files so you should not be having any difficulty. Let’s get started!

How to Swap Image in Dreamweaver With Multiple Pictures

How to Swap Image in Dreamweaver With Multiple Pictures?

It is just like Rollover image behavior in Dreamweaver, but normally here we use Pictures. Suppose you want to paste an image and you need to display another image when you bring your mouse pointer over it. So it is also useful for New Designers this is called Swap Image by using Multiple Images in Dreamweaver, lets start working on this simple and short Tutorial, but an important one for Beginners.

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