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After analyzing your site and reviewing your content you now need to implement an effective interlinking strategy. Here are some Web Designing Tips for you, when creating an internal linking strategy there are many things to consider such as;

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First from Web Designing Tips is, when creating an internal linking strategy it would be very similar to an external linking strategy. Take for example a Car Site, you would go about linking all the battery pages and posts together. You would not link pages and posts such as engines to body kits.

So remember when creating your site, keep very specific categories and make sure that each page within the category is linked to one another.

Preferably when creating quality content sites it is wise to have 3 quality posts linked from one main post related to that category.

Altering your Anchor Text:

As you may know altering your external link anchor text is a great way to save your site been penalized and it comes across as been natural.Your site must use the same strategy. When linking internal pages to one another it is advised to use different anchor text each time or as much as you can.

This comes across as normal to the search engines and enables you to rank more keywords related to your content within Google.

General Site Wide Links:

As you may know a site wide link would be a link to your home page, blog page or contact us page. These links tend to be on every page and most of them are not necessary. It is wise to make them no follow.Again it is just a recommendation.

Web Designing Tips - General Site Wide Links

Link Positioning:

As we discussed earlier, the higher the link within your sites page the more juice will be granted. Links within the content are top class and always give the search engines a great idea as to what the link is about.

External to Internal Link Ratio:

This is an old one but many of my students are still very confused as to which is the best approach to take.There is a balance to how many internal to external links should be found on a page. Many of us create many internal links but no links pointing out of our sites.

Yes it is always wise to minimize the amount of links pointing out of your site such that the amount of links pointing out to external sites is less than the amount of links coming in.

Having said this your site generates greater gains pointing out to relevant sites so where possible it is wise to link some of your pages out to relevant Wikipedia pages.

Home Page Links:

Last but not least in Web Designing Tips is, your home page is the most important page of your site. Many people use a dynamic style home page.What I mean by this is that their home page changes every time a post is published and their home page resembles a string of posts. I personally do not agree with this as your home page can never build a high PR and your home page will never display your best content.

Your home page should have one goal and that is to convert visitors to buyers. Clean, sharp and contain only 1 static post. This post should contain your main affiliate product and links out to your secondary most important posts.

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