How Does Responsive Web Design Ensure High SEO Value?

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As we all know, we live in a mobile technology era and what we are moving towards is a mobile-first index. Consumers are dependent on smartphone and tablets, so if you want to make a presence and solid impression online about responsive web design, it needs to be established through mobile screens only.

This is where responsive web design become essential for when you are thinking of website designing. A responsive approach to web design is no longer a choice, but it has become the standard of web development, regardless of industry.

How Does Responsive Web Design

Impact of being Unresponsive to the Need for Responsive Design:

Over the last couple of years, we have witnessed how the web moved forward tremendously. Undoubtedly, among many of the changes we witnessed, the inevitable thing happened at an unbelievable pace is the number of users browsing the web through mobile devices overtook desktop internet users.

Also, we can see by the end of 2017 that the number of people who only use a single type of device as their multi-purpose gadget, smartphone users are now almost twice over desktop computer users.  However, instead of all these premonitions and published statistics, many are still hesitant to act over the most obvious demand of the age – a responsive website.

Accordingly, to a study by, the count of those who still fail to adapt to this change by meeting the demand for a fully responsive environment is close to 50%.  This is an unfortunate scenario, as compromised responsiveness not only affect the user experience but is also one of the primary components regarding deciding the search engine value for the websites.

Google is More User-Oriented Now:

Google algorithms are getting more and more streamline day by day to be well aligned with the actual requirements of their users who search on the web. So, in a world where the majority of users access the web through mobile, Google naturally tend to act on this need. So, Google favors responsiveness as a crucial aspect when deciding the user-friendliness and relevance of a website to be displayed on top.

Going a step ahead, Google is now favoring only those websites which are fully optimized for users of smartphone and other mobile gadgets. The sites which have incorporated responsive design are instantly getting benefited out of it.

Benefits of Responsiveness:

Improving usability:

The users will not stick on to your pages if they cannot navigate through it so easily. Google considers ‘user time on page’ as a key indicator of the site’s authenticity for any random query. Responsive design helps avoid any clutter on your pages and make user visitors navigate through it easily.

Faster loading Speed:

Page loading tie is another crucial SEO ranking factor. Responsive web design help to enhance loading speed, especially on smartphones and mobile devices, which results in positive user experience and ranking boost.

Decreasing bound rate:

Bounce rate also refers to the user time on page. By providing users with a highly user-friendly experience, responsive web pages succeed in holding back people and thereby decreasing bounce rate.

Responsive design also helps to cut down duplicate content which adds to the authenticity of your content and also boost instant social sharing.  With all these contributing to online business success, pre-planning for mobile responsiveness is essential not only when you are creating a new web page, but also for any promotional campaign you plan online.

Author bio: Timothy Darrel is a well-known digital marketer cum On-Page SEO specialist. She used to write on and many leading technology blogs.

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