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Popular Bathroom Design Trends

Gone are the days when bathrooms were treated just as a functional area. The bathrooms of today are private tranquil places that soothe the body and release stress. Homeowners are increasingly enhancing their bathroom designs and adding more fixtures that serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. If you are looking for some trendy ideas that can liven up your bathroom and make it a better place, then read on.

Go big:

Go Big
Go Big

If you have a home remodelling planned, how about making your bathroom bigger? Bring down walls to make your bath more comfortable and functional. A separate bathtub and shower, and some bathroom furniture can open up the space and make your bathroom more purposeful.

Add appealing fixtures:

Add appealing fixtures
Add appealing fixtures

A popular trend in bathroom fixtures is the above-counter sink and basin that liven up the overall look of the bathroom. Fused glass basins in bold colours and eye-catching designs are making an appearance in homes. Relaxing whirlpools are also in style; there are no prizes for guessing why! Whirlpools with ergonomically placed arm and head rests and strategically placed jets, take ‘relaxation in the water’ to another level.

Bathroom furniture is also in vogue, and its not just stools or benches, but recliners, chaise lounges and armoires for a music system/television that homeowners are increasingly investing in. Some are also adding classic flair to their bathrooms with vintage furniture.

Make the space more colourful:

Make the space more colourful
Make the space more colourful

When it comes to bathroom fixture colours, white continues to be timeless. But homeowners are not shying away from experimenting with bold colours, which include blue, red, emerald green and rust. It doesn’t stop at fixtures; daring wall colours are also defining bathroom spaces whilst allowing homeowners to make personal style statements. Just like how colour-coated glass worktops are brightening kitchens, homeowners are adding a dash of colour to their bathrooms with everything from decorative tiles to the latest sink designs.

Try to incorporate new materials:

Try to incorporate new materials
Try to incorporate new materials

Glass, wood, chrome and stainless steel are being used in combination to create unique bathrooms and add an artistic flair. Glass splashbacks and tiles are popular choices that impart a warm and sophisticated feel. Stainless steel fixtures are also in fashion; designers are incorporating this steel alloy in sinks, shower walls, bathtubs and medicine cabinets. Fixtures made of natural stones are being added to soften the tough and cold look of stainless steel.

Of course, there are simpler ways to make your bathroom a more appealing zone. How about making your very own custom bath towels with colourful fabric ribbons and washable fabric glue? Or perhaps framing your bathroom’s plate glass mirror for a showy look? If you have a toolkit at home and enough experience building wooden cabinets, you could consider a DIY project. Zero in on an unused wall area of your bathroom and build a shelving unit to make it functional. Seek inspiration from magazines, books and the telly. Importantly, get a second opinion from your family members before embarking on a redesign project for a common/shared bathroom.

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