Common Don’ts of Web Designing To Give Professional Look

Common Don'ts of Web Designing

Websites are a great way to promote your business and get noticed. Since internet has a huge impact on everyone these days, having a functional website for your company has become a necessity.  A good website can make a lot of difference to your business so you really need to make sure that you come up with a great website which is flawless. If you are a web designer yourself, you might have a good idea of things to avoid while web designing so that later on your visitors don’t face any issues.

However, it has been seen that some really good designers ended up making common web designing mistakes. At times, such designers think that they have created exactly what they wanted and end up making some obvious mistakes which seriously harm the website.

While designing a website, one has a lot of options and one wants to make it absolutely perfect. A good advice to all designers would be to come up with a good website instead of trying to come up with a perfect website. You may want to add everything to make it perfect but isn’t it better that you add important things only which are also useful and informative for users. Following are a few common web designing mistakes that users need to avoid in order to make their website a success:

Don’t Confuse Your Visitors :

Don’t Confuse Your Visitors during Web Designing

Always keep in mind that you are designing a website for visitors and not for yourself so everything you do should make things easy for someone who is taking out time to visit your website. If a user has to scroll the website left to right and right to left, it will only annoy him. Your home page should not be large enough to require left/right scrolls in order to read the content on your website.

While designing a website, make sure that you have opted for fixed widths in order to avoid any such issues. User should be able to read the material on the same pages as constant scrolling can make a user leave your website.

Don’t Lose Control on Your Website :

Don’t Lose Control on Your Website

As a designer, you should have full control on your website’s layout and its functions. Make sure there are no invalid codes so users can be saved from useless pop ups of various error messages. Since you would be designing your website with the help of XHTML or CSS, make sure all the codes are valid and do check their validation beforehand.

Don’t Design for Limited Browsers :

Don’t Design for Limited Browsers

If you really want to reach out to your target audience, you need to make sure that you design and test your websites for multiple browsers. Not everyone will be using Internet Explorer or the same browser so you need to make sure that your website is compatible with all the browsers.

Don’t Go for a Wrong Color Mix :

Don’t Go for a Wrong Color Mix in Web Designing

The fact remains that it is easy to read from the paper in comparison to reading from a screen. Do not make your reader suffer by using harsh color combinations of text and background. Remember, less is more so try to keep it as simple as you can. Colors that are not soothing to the eye will make the visitor leave your website in no minute. The background and text color should be harmonious in order to readers to be able to read it.

Don’t Lose out on ‘Contact Us’ :

Don’t Lose out on ‘Contact Us’

A lot of readers would want to get in touch with you or provide feedback. Don’t make it next to impossible for them to contact you. Contact us should be available and users should be able to find it easily. You can either provide an email address or a contact form so that users can provide you with feedback. Make sure you get back to them because a good and healthy interaction with your website’s visitors will make them come back on your website. It will also help in increasing your website’s traffic and loyalty.

Don’t opt for a “Flashy” Web Designing :

Don’t opt for a “Flashy” Web Designing

A little bit of flash here and there might look good but heave flash intros will only make your website slower. The users with high bandwidth will be able to access it only which means you will lose out on your rest of audience. Also, flashy images can be distracting at times as well. Let visitors focus more on the content and less on the flashy images and introductions.

Don’t Mess With Heading and Sub-headings :

The heading and sub headings will stand out in the search engines so it is very important for you to use proper titles which are closely related to the topic you are discussing. Users will click on the link of your website only if they think it will provide them with relevant information.

Don’t Frustrate the User with Broken Links :

Don’t Frustrate the User with Broken Links

All of the links on your websites should be working and functional. As a user I can say that nothing annoys more when you visit a website and it is full of broken links. Any tab which leads user to nowhere will frustrate the user and he would never come back on your website. Broken links also give an impression of website being old and not being updated. So, always keep a check on every link of your website and make sure that it’s functional.

Don’t Inundate Your Website with Pop up Ads :

Don’t Inundate Your Website with Pop up Ads

A few advertisements on your website are acceptable as they will generate revenue for your website. However, too much of advertisements and pop up ads will only annoy your visitor and he will leave your website instantly. If I visit a website which is full of pop up advertisements, instead of crossing out ads, I will definitely cross out website.

Don’t Come up with a Poor Navigation :

Don’t Come up with a Poor Navigation

Sometimes people give too much important to the entire look of the website that they end up neglecting the functions and navigation of the website. If a user is unable to find the information easily, he will look for alternatives. Keep your navigation simple and easy. The tabs should be self explanatory and the user should be able to find whatever he wants without any issue.  A smooth navigation will leave a visitor happy and he will definitely come back to your website.

Don’t Go Overboard With the Images :

Don’t Go Overboard With the Images in Web Designing

A few images here and there are fine as sometimes images are requires to explain the content. But a lot of images, banners and branding will leave the visitor frustrated. Only use images when necessary i.e., when some content needs help of images. Using images solely to make website beautiful will end up having a negative impact on your website.

Don’t Neglect New Updates :

Don’t Neglect New Updates during Web Designing

Updating your website on regular basis is a must. However, give users an option to differentiate between the old material and the new one. Highlight the new updates so that users can benefit from the updates. Easy access to the old and new material will also show your effective functionality and easy navigation.

Final Thoughts :

The above mentioned points are very important in web designing but at times designers end up ignoring them and their website suffers because of little mistakes. If you have an existing website, you can always incorporate these changes in it.

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