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5 Features of an Effective Printing Service

There are several characteristics which define effective printing services. Amongst them are cost, ease of ordering and quality of print. It is unwise to trust important services such as business card printing to a print company that does not meet the requirements of your business.

A professional printing company should offer the following services.

  • Competitive rates
  • On line ordering
  • A wide variety of products
  • Good customer service
  • Order tracking

1. Competitive Printing Rates :

Every business has printing needs and it is vital that the budget for these is not excessive. When selecting a printing company, price is a very important consideration. Comparing various companies through their web sites and asking for at least three quotations for jobs should be routine for business. Many companies offer discounts for bulk printing jobs, so questions about this can be asked when researching printing needs. Good rates and discount offers must be part of a selection process for printing services.

2. Online Ordering :

On line ordering is cheap, efficient and necessary for productivity. A good printing company should offer on line ordering that is simple and easy to use. Ensure that the supplier uses SSL security encryption for orders so that there is minimal risk of loss. The vendor should accept both credit and debit cards for orders. This makes budgeting easier for many businesses

3. A Wide Variety of Services :

It is a waste of time to have several different print suppliers. Using the same company to print all promotional material is more productive than having a different one for services such as business card printing or brochure printing. Ensure that the vendor is able to produce a variety of printed matter including calendars, business cards, greeting cards and posters.

The ability to produce different products is useful, as is the ability to provide different print standards. The supplier should have the ability to use different types of font, be able to do colour and black and white printing and have a wide selection of paper quality on hand.

The variety of product and quality makes it easy to target promotional material to different audiences

4. Good Customer Service :

A good printing company is defined by its customer service. Procedures for ordering should be transparent. A real time inquiry line, a phone number and email address should be easily accessible. Questions about service should receive prompt replies. Complaints procedures should be clearly outlined and professional attitudes from all staff is a necessity.

A business who orders print supplies should not be subjected to poor quality customer service in a competitive marketplace.

5. Order Tracking :

A high quality supplier of printed matter will have a well organized order tracking system. This ensures that printed material is not lost and that problems are minimized. Easy access to information about the progress of the order via the internet is essential.

Ordering printed material is often a tedious task. Using a supplier that provides transparent procedures and high quality products is essential. When looking for a printing provider, cost, customer service and on line access are vital considerations for a business.

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