How to Create A 3D Web Design? From Concept to Completion

How to Create A 3D Web Design

The idea of 3D Web Design should not scare people off. While many people think that it takes a lot of knowledge and special equipment to create anything in 3D, the truth is that it is not very difficult and is actually something that almost anyone can do. All you need is a computer, the Photoshop program and a little imagination. The rest is fairly easy.

One of the most popular things that people are doing to create visual graphics is using 3 dimensional graphics. It first became popular in the movies that were created in the 1950’s and has started to be used in the world again today. There are plenty of films that are either being re-released in 3D or are originally made in 3D. Televisions are now being sold that allow you to watch some shows in 3D and you can even take pictures with your iPhone that are 3D. It is something that people enjoy and that they want, so it might be a good idea to try to give it to them.

3D Web Design

There are a few steps that you have to take to create a 3D web design using Photoshop.

  • Create the file in Photoshop. Use a file that allows 180 pixels per inch, 900 pixels in width and 600 pixels in height. This will provide you with the right image.
  • Create a rectangle using the tool in Photoshop and drag it onto your page to create a header.
  • Use the layer tool to change the background color.
  • Add the 3D effects. You can use the drop shadows tool and the blending tool to do this.
  • Add a title to the page and use the same tools as above to create it as a 3D image. The title should appear to hover over the rest of the page if you have done things right.
  • Once you have done this with one box for your website, repeat the process and create as many layers and graphic elements as you want.
  • Once you have added everything to the web page that you want, click on the flatten image tool.  This will give you a basic web page layout that you can edit to place everything where you want it.
  • Move the different graphics you have created to where you want them on the page by clicking on the objects with your mouse and dragging them to where you want it.
  • When everything is done as far as designing your website, save the file for the web.

Those are the basic steps towards creating a 3D website. The first time you try this, you will probably think that what you have is not what you expected. Like any other project with Photoshop, practice is necessary. Over time you can learn many of the important tricks that you will need just by trying them out. Your website is almost always a work in progress and that is okay. There are also tutorials available on the internet that can help you see how these tools work. Use them wisely and you will soon have a website that is considered modern by today’s standards.

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