Top 15 Online Design Generators to Help You Save Time

Color Calculator

Web and graphic designers have a very demanding and time-consuming job. They are tasked with creating pleasing aesthetics, balancing their desire to produce art and the need to heed their clients’ requirements. The process is never quick and easy, but the workload can build up fast. To alleviate the pressure designers have, here are 15 of the best online generators they can use to make their jobs more convenient and increase overall productivity. Here are Top 15 Online Design Generators to Help You Save Time.

Background Generators:

1. Pattern Cooler:

Pattern Cooler
Pattern Cooler

First from Online Design Generators, take your pick from thousands of unique and vibrant patterns you can use for background. There are also hundreds of color customizable patterns if you’re looking for a particular shade to match your overall design.

2. Stripemania:


Plaster the background with charming stripes using this generator. Choose from the four different orientations, the colors for the background, the stripe style, and the widths for each line or pattern.

3. Tartan Maker:

Tartan Maker
Tartan Maker

Bring a wholesome feeling out of a website with a tartan background. Use the sliders to modify the yarn and each band’s size. Click on the boxes on the sides of the first three sliders to find the right color pattern. You can either go for a straightforward or a diagonal orientation as well.

4. bgMaker:


It looks incredibly simple, but this pixel-based background generator can be a very useful tool. Make highly detailed pieces with complete color control and up to 99 pixels for both length and width.

5. Dotter:


With the help of HTML color codes, you can add a beautiful array of dots in one or two colors cascading at the background. Adjust the height of the dots running down the screen pixel by pixel.

Color Generators:



Create your own palette using shades that can be modified through sliders for hue, saturation and value. You can also pick five different color combinations off a color wheel or input HTML color codes to get the exact shades you want.

7. Color Calculator:

Color Calculator
Color Calculator

Looking for the best color blends is made even easier with the Color Calculator by Sessions College. Select five different possible configurations to harmonize two to four different shades. See how they look together through four design templates that highlight contrasts, complements and more.

8. Color Combination Tester:

Color Combination Tester
Color Combination Tester

Input the appropriate hex number for specific shades in each column and see which ones work together. Add more columns if you need to use more colors. See how text in all the specific colors will look against each one. Pick a random color combo from the list of 351. If a particular website’s colors catch your eye, grab them using this online generator.

9. Color Mixer:

Color Mixer
Color Mixer

This is as simple as it gets with color mixing. Type either the percentage for red, green and blue or a number not more than 255 to see the result of your mix. Its corresponding hex code will show up in the top right box. You can also adjust its brightness through the lightness and darkness percentage boxes.

10. ColorMunki:

ColorMunki - Online Design Generators

Search for the perfect color palette from the entire spectrum through hue, value and neutral shades. Bring up all shades of a certain color with a drop down menu for categories and subcategories. You can also see if a specific color patch will work on a certain kinds of paper. You can even do a Google search for certain terms and the generator will show its palette.

Miscellaneous Generators:

11. LogoCreator:

LogoCreator - Online Design Generators

Check out the five different preset logos which you can customize depending on their features such as font type, font size, font color, scale, background and more. It will generate an HTML code which you can then use for your website.

12. Typetester:

Typetester - Online Design Generators

Compare different fonts through this generator, which lines them up into three columns in various formats. You can also set their size, alignments, pixel tracking, word space and so much more.

13. Tabs Generator:

Tabs Generator - Online Design Generators
Tabs Generator

Add flair to the tabs for your website’s navigation system with this generator. Modify everything from its dimensions to its orientation.

14. CSSWarp:

Online Design Generators

Bring a sense of levity to your design, and get playful with your texts by warping it to the design of your own choice. Set the type of curve and drag the points where you want the text to go. You can also adjust how the text lines up to the curves and how big the font will be.

15. CSS Sprite Generator:

Online Design Generators
CSS Sprite Generator

Last but not least, Online Design Generators, if your website is experiencing problems loading because of its images, put them in a zip file and upload them using this online generator. You can then specify the build direction, the offsets, the output format and other CSS output options. Use the created CSS sprites from those images and lessen the amount of HTTP requests your site will have to make.

Designing need not be too much of an arduous task. Take advantage of these tools for the right occasions and feel your workload get lighter.

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