5 Great Blog Designing Tips Graphic Designers Must Consider

5 Great Blog Designing Tips Graphic Designers Must Consider

An attractive and appealing blog designing that also allows for technical structural potential can go a very long way in assuring a successful blog portal. Balancing and harmonizing the aesthetics with the utilization is one of the most imperative objectives of any graphic designer, so by applying the valuable advice, you will be able to come up with a winning combo within no time! Graphic Designers should consider these great Blog Designing Tips, lets find out how.

Blog Designing Tips for Graphic Designers

5 Great Blog Designing Tips

1. Appearance of Your Blog Should Reflect Its Theme:

If you are to run a blog which is about environment friendly products, imply a design and color scheme on nature-inspired and green’s prints to compliment the entire theme. If you are running a blog about technology, shades or gray or steel can look great. For blogs dealing with pop culture or entertainment, a comic strip-inspired frame seem to be a really nice idea.

Being precise, the design of your blog should be in accordance to the main theme of the blog so that an instant link between the two can be easily created. Do not just opt for a randomized design, you should be adding some thoughts to your choice too.

2. Design Should Be Friendly And Fun:

Even if you are working as a graphic designer for a company or business, pick a design that is attractive and funky. Blogs, as per their nature, are much more relaxed and informal compared to the websites. Even various business blogs that are used for official purposes will be a lot more laid back compared to the business portal. For this reason, you can easily opt for, and should imply a little fun with the designing of the blog.

3. Integrate the RSS Feature:

The RSS feature should be placed in such way that all the readers get find it with ease and also make them click over it. Adding up the links to the top of your blog or at the bottom of your blog is the most common yet favorite technique employed by most of the designers as it is a sure-fire way to make the readers notice the links.

4. Customized Templates:

Making use of several customized blogging templates is very much recommended as the standard templates will make your blog appear like all others making use of the similar template. One of the vital demands that the blog designers experience is to come up with a design that is unique and create an exclusive identity over the Web.

5. Incorporate Useful Graphics:

Web sites are a great tool offering useful information, but blogs tend to offer more. People who visit blogs normally come to them to explore more about the related ideas, topics or news in depth. This  shows that people will be spending a lot of time on your blog, devoting their precious time, provided you also integrate some appealing visuals.

It is extremely imperative to add complementary graphics, images, videos along with several other pictorial elements to your blog’s designing so you can easily harmonize the content and also some visual treats to your blog’s audience.

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