What Are the Best Web Design Standards for iPhone?

Web Design Standards for iPhone

iPhone development attracts the best of designers from around the world. Being one of the most sought after gadgets in the world it has seen hundreds of thousands of apps, each fighting for a space of its own in the ecosystem. One of the main goals of the designers is to create interfaces that are intuitive and easy to use. Over the years some standards web design patterns have been adopted by developers while creating iPhone apps. Here in this short write-up we shall take a look at some of best web design standards for iPhone.


Let’s start off with the most popular and easiest of the design pattern for iPhone. We all know t browser is used to access Internet on the phone. This design standard comprises of a navigation bar located the top of the screen. The orientation of the browser can easily be changed by tilting the phone. Tab options are also incorporate either on the top or the bottom of the browser allowing users to browse multiple websites at the same time.


As the name suggests in this kind of design pattern the users basically walks through some information that appears on the screen. This kind of user interface allows the users to find information with step-by-step action. In this kind of design the app also guide users to perform different tasks from start to end. The main part of the interface is steady throughout and information on the small screen within it keeps changing. These interfaces are ideal for offering information and data that follow chronological order.

What Are the Best Web Design Standards for iPhone

Table View:

This is one of the most popular design patterns that are adopted by iPhone Developers. Here you will come across list where contacts or search results are listed. This pattern is extremely useful in creating apps that offer search results to the users. The no-nonsense design pattern allows users to go deep into information from the search results.


If you are creating a game or want to inform your users about the application you need to demonstrate it to them. This is why Demos have earned the reputation of being a distinct design pattern in iPhone development. Here you will have a series of screens that show the primary functions of the application.  These can be in the form or walk-through or in the form of a short video that plays on in the screen.

Single Window Drill-down:

This is quite similar to the table view with the only difference being that it offers much more information to the users on clicking the items that are listed compared to Table view elements. This design pattern is usually used in applications that have mailbox, conversions, IM chats etc. With the help of this app users can access information in the same window where the main list appears.

These design patters are used to create most of the apps that we enjoy on our iPhone. However developers also come up with out-of-the-box design patters to meet the niche needs of their apps and stand out amidst competition.

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