Top 3 SEO Predictions for the Upcoming New Year

Top 3 SEO Predictions for the Upcoming New Year

People consider SEO as the lifeblood of all online business. Though it is pretty simple to master SEO theoretically, in reality, it is not so in practice. The search patterns and algorithms that factor into your SEO endeavors are constantly fluctuating, shifting, changing. It is becoming intensely complicated by the day. So this would imply that you must keep a strict vigilance over every change in the world of SEO in order to gain competitive advantage. Here we are going to brief you Top 3 SEO Predictions for the Upcoming New Year.

You would agree that the digital landscape has actually evolved quite dramatically in the recent past. However, SEO continues to be a critical marketing strategy even today. As 2016 is on the verge of coming to a close. Let us review the SEO predictions and trends that experts expected in 2017.

1. A Boost in Content Density:

A Boost in Content Density

On a particular day, several websites are offering practically the same content with slight variations in the style of writing and use of words. This has been the major problem in the recent past. As such, search engines are serious about devaluing such sites that are accustomed to publishing duplicate content. So what is the solution to this issue of duplicate content generation? You need to create really dense content.

Content density is in terms of per word value. For instance, suppose you have produced a 3000 word article on the trends of SEO, but the real value delivered is pretty low. When this article is compared to another one on the exact same topic of merely 400 words. And it delivers equal benefit, you are sure to realize which article is more valuable. The shorter one has greater content density. In the upcoming year there would be rising demand for content density.

2. Emergence of Personal Branding:

Emergence of Personal Branding

Though the term branding has always been related to businesses, in recent times almost everyone possesses a personal brand. If you possess a solid personal brand, it would be easier for you to get guest blogs, generate user trust & loyalty and attract more meaningful traffic to the website. We know that social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are continuously tuning and upgrading their algorithms for favoring individual posts over the branded posts. Get in touch with a reputed social media agency in Mumbai for all your SEO solutions.

More and more firms are forecasted to make the most of personal branding that would culminate in increased competition and more opportunities. More and more brands would be leveraging personal branding in 2017. Keep in mind that personal branding is certainly one of the most effective secret weapons of the digital world. If you possess a well-known personal brand, it would be instrumental in effectively simplifying ways to secure guest posts, promote and enhance user engagement and trust, and attract more traffic.

3. RankBrain:


RankBrain is Google’s amazing AI or artificial intelligence system. This application RankBrain is known to have tremendously impacted Internet marketing over the last year or so. It has practically, compelled experts to think beyond the one and only keyword phrase optimization and concentrate on what exactly are being searched for by potential customers. In the upcoming New Year, you could be anticipating RankBrain and other such AI platforms to become more sophisticated and vital to the SEO world.


You know how crucial SEO is to the modern entrepreneur. So, it is absolutely important for you to take note of all the predictions and advancements in the field of SEO. The above-mentioned predictions are obviously a wonderful way to start and keep abreast with the latest trends.

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