Improve Search Ranking and Build Trust with SSL Certificates

Improve Search Ranking and Build Trust with SSL Certificates

A recent change that is rolled out from Google has revolutionized the internet world and the E-commerce business. This change according to Google has already affected millions of websites worldwide. But the great news is that this shift is for Good for better Security. Google passed out this announcement stating that the websites that are not using HTTPS will get badly affected with the search ranking and results.

Just to simplify, starting January 2017, Google Chrome started tagging websites as Not Secure that are not using HTTPS. This indicates that if you own a website which contains, gather, collects, usernames, passwords, credit card information, and etc, and if the website is using HTTPS then it will be considered as unsafe for the end user or for the customer who is using it. Now as of March the very recent versions of the Firefox browser (v. 52) is also warning you when you enter passwords or any other kind of confidential information on the non-encrypted websites. Here there is a major role of SSL certificates that gives a security and protection to your website by improving trust and credibility. This, in turn, helps the customers in building trust on your website and ensures secure browsing. SO, Now that you know SSL is important, just install it on your websites and be safe.

Please note:

There are some who are cheering this announcement as a big thing in offering more secure web to all and safe from hackers and threats, whereas, others see it is as a pointless and unfavorable move by Google that will impact the potential and power users that run online business but also are not so techie small business owner.

Improve Search Ranking

No More Surprises, let’s Learn What SSL is?

Technically talking – SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer; it is a standard encryption technology that is used to transfer data from a user’s browser to the web server. Many websites use SSL encryption to prevent hackers to seize and misuse the data of the users that enter the pages like – payment gateway, checkout pages, and sign-in or log-in forms and like. SSL basically functions by using public and private encryption keys, out of which the former is used to jumble the information, while the latter decrypts it so that it could be read by someone monitoring the transmission.

So How it Works on a Website:

the secure transfer via a standard SSL certificate is marked with https:// for the website URL in the address bar before the address, as compared to the non-https version, as http:// that the websites is not using SSL. Quite logically, having SSL certificate is very important for a company who is into eCommerce or any other online business that collects personal information, where the use of SSL certificates is a matter of business credibility and trust, that gives them the trust of their customers.

What all Consideration to be Taken Care of When Installing or Getting an SSL Certificate?

Having an SSL certificate for your online business can shape the way consumers perceive the business. However, the SSL certificates care of different types and kinds depending on the business and the necessity, such as – EV SSL Certificate, Comodo SSL Certificate, Wildcard SSL, and more. You can get different types of SSL certificates at affordable price on company like

Take a Look at a Brief Guide on the Topic More:

  • Always use SSL certificates that are issued by trusted Certificate Authorities – CA in order to protect visitors from phishing attacks and other threats. The certificate authorities are associated with legal regulations and they clearly aim to validate the website as a trusted website.
  • Then stick on or decide on which type of certificate you need for your website; single, multi-domain or wildcard certificate. Also, make sure to use 301 redirects to indicate both users and search engines that the HTTPS pages are live.
  • Use protocol relative URLs that reduces the probabilities of serving 404 pages and mixed content warning, when a user lands on a URL that is loaded from a development environment. Make sure you use web server that supports HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security). All these points certainly help to make your website secure and will build trust of your customers which will certainly help to improve rankings.
  • Special attention to Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates because they play a key role to make sure that the customer actually has the right to the specific domain and it adheres to the standardization outlined in the EV Guidelines.

SEO and SSL Certificate:

Perhaps all the above reasons were sufficient to understand how SSL certificate works and where they play a significant role in building the trust of your customers and boosting search ranking. What’s so great about this is they can really improve your site’s ranking easily just by implementing it in a right manner. The great news is SSL certificates are not very costly, yes they do need some financial investment, but it’s worth investing as it is helpful for your website. Overall, this is one of the simplest ways to increase your search ranking, as it doesn’t require any complicated technicalities or strategies like back-linking and etc.

On the wider terms and usage HTTPS and SSL have many significant and evident benefits for the future of the web, and for the SEO of your website. It is right that there are many websites which are not that big and immense in terms of using log-in forms and checkout pages but still for the better SEO and search ranking website should use SSL. It will also make your website more secure and perfect for your customers.

To Give Some Final Thoughts:

While billions of commercial websites are now serving the global online market and connecting with users’ personal data in one form or another, therefore some major security practices are essential for great search engine results and rankings of your website. What we discussed above is about SSL certificate which is one of the major security measures to gain the attention of Google’s search ranking factors.

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