Wix ADI – A Revolutionary Approach to Website Designing using AI

Wix ADI – A Revolutionary Approach to Website Designing using AI

Wix now brings the power of artificial intelligence to the creative art of web designing, which is the first of its kind revolutionary move that may change the future of web design. Wix.com is a cloud-based development platform. They have coined the term Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI), and with their latest offering of Wix ADI, the company allows users to build a website that is feature and function-rich website without any knowledge of coding or design tools, just by dragging and dropping things. Also, functions like e-cart, form creation, e-mail pushers, chat, community form, APIs can be added to make fully featured websites or web applications.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most significant booms of the era. It is even changing the ways in which human being gets involved and interact. AI, up to an extent, can simulate human intelligence through acquiring an enormous quantity of information, rules to follow, logical reasoning, and doing self-correction. Machine learning processes are now capable of running driver-less cars, answering questions, and can even beat humans in an intellectual game like chess.

Wix ADI – A Revolutionary Approach to Website Designing using AI

Wix business model:

Wix now offers all these as a premium business model, and the primary source of revenue to the provider is the premium upgrades the users may opt for. Some of the premium options are the ability to connect a custom-built site to their domains, get extra storage or bandwidth, full e-com capabilities. And the consumers only need to pay a nominal subscription.

Based on the tech-geek feedback and reviews online, Wix Artificial Design Intelligence may change the ways in which people interact with web design because of the magic of AI, and even affect the future of web design. All that users need to do is to answer a few straight forward questions, and Wix ADI can supply you with many ready-made website components waiting to be complemented with personal text, combined with stunning photos, and online elements to custom tailor your business or portfolio sites.

An overview of Wix ADI:

With its built-in and fine-tuned artificial intelligence capabilities, Wix ADI learns about you and your business and applies this acquired knowledge to your site:

  • Custom build a website to perfectly compliment to your online needs.
  • Billions of combinations to try out regarding layouts, text, images, navigation, and contact to make your website unique.
  • Add any advanced features like forms, DB connections, APIs and more.
  • Save thousands of dollars by avoiding the need for an expert web designer.

Launched very recently, Wix ADI has already raised a tight competition. Many unique websites have been made on this platform and are already up and running. Many of the individual users have commented that you can build a site with Wix ADI just over a cup of coffee, it is that fast. With no other web development platform offering the mightiness of AI in website making, there is no wonder why people ranging from novice website makers to expert web developers are excited about this new platform.

Business Owners’ Design platform:

A press release by a senior Wix official says “Wix ADI is designed with a specific focus on eradicating all existing challenges in website building regarding design, time, and content creation, and the initial user experiences testify that it does true justice to this purpose.”

Given that the small business entrepreneurs have little time and money to spend on-site building and also lack in technical aspects and site-building resources, Wix ADI becomes a benefit, as there is no need for a designer or advanced technical know-how to actualize what you imagine. It is also useful for the business owners themselves to get an opportunity to make the website, as there is no one else that knows more than an owner about the target group they have.

How does Wix ADI work?

Wix is streamlined based on the data and inputs provided by 100 million users across the globe building their algorithms to ensure each site built on this platform is complete, stunning, and most importantly ‘unique.’

Wix ADI ideally works by only asks a few questions to the site makers to make its reasonable assumptions as:

  • What your website is used for?
  • What are your specific features and capability requirements? (E-cart, payment gateway, appointment booking, portfolio, etc.)
  • Name of your business and location?
  • What design style preferences you have?

This way, the website building process grows step-by-step as an engaging interaction between the developer and the Wix AI. All of the building blocks required for creating a website such as text, page layouts, colors, images, titles, navigation, etc. are chosen based on your preferences and put together to compile each page and ultimately a full-fledged website.

Within a short time, users across all industries and professions such as corporate businesses, musicians, e-store owners, designers, physicians, bloggers, photographers, lawyers, and various types of service providers all created their stunning free websites using Wix ADI. This innovative platform is now deemed to be a one-stop-shop for all the self-design needs of aspiring business owners and professionals aiming at a custom website.

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