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BIn this day and age, sublimation printing seems to be taking the world by storm. It is a current and over-the-top printing technology that is being used to make some high definition prints. As a matter of fact, it is the high quality of prints that make the sublimation printing the most preferred type of digital printing in the market today.

Sublimation printing is the better option when compared to the screen printing technique. Everyone who is in the printing business should consider sublimation printing technology. Because it is said to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness in the business.

Sublimation Printing Technology

Now, let’s dig deeper and understand what sublimation printing is all about. So, first things first; what is sublimation printing in layman’s language? Well, sublimation printing or dye sublimation printing is described as the process that uses heat-sensitive inks to print images on coated ceramics, metals, and/or polyester fabrics. The sublimation printing technology basically helps in printing different computer aided designs on surfaces. Using industrial heat and special pressure techniques, the computer-designed images and motifs are imprinted directly on the fabric or surfaces.

Items you Need to Get Started with Sublimation Printing:

Before you can get started with sublimation printing, you need to find a high quality inkjet printer. Maybe Ricoh or Epson depending on what you prefer, high quality sublimation inks, sublimation papers and an industrial heat press. Additionally, you will also need a polyester fabric that is either white or light colored for the sublimation work.  If you prefer the images on harder surfaces like a mug, ensure that the mug is also white or light colored.

If you are just getting started with sublimation printing, I am sure that the whole process seems impossible to you. Not to worry though; sublimation is easy and once you have tried it for the first time, you will be good to go. However, when buying your sublimation system, it is recommended that you buy everything as one package. Because a fully packaged system is more cost-effective than buying each component separately. 

How It Works:

Sublimation is technology that is used to print images on light colored or white polyester fabrics. In addition, the technology has also been used to produce the same computerized images on mugs, shot glasses, skateboards, lunch bags, etc.

Here is an example of how the sublimation printers come in handy for students and sports fanatics. For some time now, sportswear and uniform sublimation has become the trend that everyone is looking for. And this how it is done;

The customer chooses an image that they want printed on the uniforms or sports gear. The printer then prints the image on a sublimation paper. After the image has been printed, using heat press, the image is transferred to the uniforms or sports attires. That said, other than making the best mug, it is quite evident that the students also benefit a great deal from the sublimation technology.

But in as much as it is a technology that schools and other institutions are benefiting from. It is also a huge business opportunity for anyone looking to make some good money out of a printing business.

What are the Advantages of Choosing Sublimation Over Screen Printing?

  • The cost of sublimation does not depend on how big or small your order is. Whether you are requesting for one or 500 items to be printed on, the cost of printing will be the same. It is for this reason that sublimation is the most sought after by schools, charities, sports teams and so many more groups.
  • Sublimation is a great printing technology which ensures that full colored images are perfectly printed onto the preferred surface regardless of how hard the surface is.
  • Sublimation is relatively easy to learn and not the steep learning curve that the screen printing technology is.
  • Sublimation does not limit on color. In fact, there are thousands of colors that can be produced with sublimation technology.
  • You can customize your images to your taste and preferences. Since no plates are required with sublimation, it is ideal for customers to customize their designs.
  • Lastly, the process is quick and easy. This makes it less hectic for big orders or for customers who have limited time on their schedule.

There you have it; the sublimation process in detail. Now it is up to you to invest in a high quality printer that will help you print the best images for the sublimation work.

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