How Mobile Gaming is Changing the Way in App Development?

App Development always counts on being on the bleeding edge. Figuring out who is on the cusp of something great can be difficult. After all, there are thousands of companies pumping out apps every day, and not all of them are winners. If you want to figure out where things are heading, though, you can leave the business apps alone. Instead, you should take a look over at the leading games. These are the apps that are making a huge difference in the world of development. That can give other app companies a chance to figure out what the future will be like.

Reducing the Skill Floor:

How Mobile Gaming is Changing the Way in App Development

App development has not traditionally been an easy process. It’s certainly something that takes a good deal of programming know-how, to say nothing of a firm knowledge of the various phone operating systems. In today’s market, though, developing an app from scratch is both a costly and time-consuming proposition. Many game-makers have begun to use apps that allow them to drastically cut down on programming time. Usually through the use of pre-existing models and programs that come with the various development applications. When games can be developed quickly and cheaply, they tend to turn a higher initial profit and help keep studios afloat.

This same line of thinking has become an important part of the general app development community as well. There’s no need to develop something from scratch when you can make use of existing programs to build the apps for you. This has cut down on the amount of skilled labor needed to put together a basic app and drastically reduced the amount of time. Therefore money – necessary to get an app from the idea stage to the point at which it can be sold on an app store.


The idea of gamification has become a huge deal in the app world. It’s not enough that an app does its job well. It has to continually impress users and keep them coming back. Gamer play games like the recent Final Fantasy 15 mobile app not just out of boredom, but because they feel a sense of achievement in the game. This keeps them coming back to the app for weeks or even months after release. Helping to create a longer tail of sales on which the company can bank during the app’s lifetime.

When businesses choose to follow the gaming world’s example, they’re gaining a type of engagement that’s otherwise difficult to find in the typical app world. Users will continually use the application when they see a number going up. To the point that they will become competitive about their score and increase their amount of engagement. By making standard apps more like games, developers are able to build in more methods of making money. Keep users using their apps for longer, and ultimately get more for the money that they have spent on the development process. All it takes is making the app just a bit more fun to use.

Gaming is leading the way in app development, even if most developers don’t acknowledge they’re getting their ideas from games. These games are building the new income models, the new programming models. Figuring out ways to get customers engaged over the long-term. If you want to figure out the future of app development, don’t look at the big companies or even the average tech guru. Instead, look at the people who are churning out games. They know where the future is going because they are the ones who are leading the way.

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