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Grassy Natural Text Effect with Photoshop

In this tutorial i will teach you a very cool natural text effect. It is a very simple Tutorial. You will create a Grassy Text effect, you will need 1 Grass and 1 Wooden bg to make this tutorial.1.Create a new document of sizesize 560×400 and fill black background

2.Type the Text “Stunning Mesh “.

3.The next step is using blending mode effects. Right click on the text effect and chose Blending mode. A box will appear now select the color over option and give a color “#c6ff00” to text and also given the following details:

4.Now give the Inner shadow to your text check this image and give the following details

5.Its time to given Out Glow color with “#ffdb96” and check the image

6. Apply the Bevel emboss effect for detail check this image

Your text is  look like this(no need to apply any gradient)

7.Still working with the text layer. go to text layer and move Ur mouse cursor on the thumbnail and Hold ctr l botton for selecting the text.

8.Now go to top menu bar Select and go to Modify and select Expand and give 10px.

9.open any nature wallpaper like grass.press “M” move Ur cursor on your text selection and move it in the image.

10.Copy and paste the grass in your original document . and change the blending mode Hard Light.

Press Ctrl+L and apply the following details.

11.Now its time to make text more natural. Open any wooden image in photo shop and in your original document select the text bottom some area feather with 20px.

12.press “M” and move the selection in to wood or any rock image copy area and paste it in to your original image. Bottom of the text

Just Like This:

13.Press Ctrl+U for give brown shade Color Link This

14.Copy the Rock and Paste it in to your original document bottom of your text and see the final look of your text

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