Fiber Cloth Background: Coolest Way To Create in Photoshop

Fiber Cloth Background

By using this technique you can make Cool Backgrounds of different styles. Today we are going to make Fiber Cloth Background while using Adobe Photoshop. Here we go:

1. Take a new file of any size, I’m taking 560x560px size with 72 resolution and RGB color mode.

2. Fill the layer by any color of your desire, I’m filling it with #780000 color.


3. Pick Gradient Tool gradient-tool and select #830506 color in Foreground and #370000 in Background color in Color Palette. Chose Radial Gradient in top Property panel and draw the following Gradient:


4. Press Ctrl+J to copy this layer and Filter >> Render >> Fibers and give the following settings:


5. From Layer panel change the Opacity to 10%, you will get this:


6. Press Ctrl+J to copy it and then press Ctrl+T (transform) and rotate it to 90 degree and press <enter> key.

Fiber Cloth Background

7. Create a new laver above all the others & Fill it with Black Color , & then go to Filters >> Render>> Lens Flare. Give the following settings:

Fiber Cloth Background

8. Now in Layer Panel, change the Blending mode from Normal to Overlay and change the Opacity of Layer to 45% Like:

Fiber Cloth Background

9. While still activating Lense Flare layer,  goto Filters>> Distort>> Wave. and give the following settings:

Fiber Cloth Background

You will get the Following:

Fiber Cloth Background

10. You can write any text over it like:

Fiber Cloth Background

So that’s it, this was the Final result of Fiber Cloth Background in Photoshop.

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