5 Tips On Writing Tweets to Get Views To Improve Ranking

5 Tips On Writing Tweets to Get Views - Improving Ranking of Blog Posts

After Google changes earlier this year, we have seen a huge drop in article and blog ratings in most cases. You can get around this hurdle by linking with social media and social networking sites. Most of all, this works well with Twitter while writing tweets of blog posts. You can get the links, but how to get the click-thrus to really boost your (SEO) Search Engine Optimization. This article looks at five tips that really work.

Using Twitter will greatly improve your SEO and online marketing. After Google’s updates earlier this year it is important to get your blog content out via social media (except Facebook of course) to improve your article rankings. Without the use of Twitter, your articles will probably be lost in an ocean of competing content. If you are a researcher trying to find helpful articles on the internet, you will have noticed it has been a lot harder to find what you want since those Google Updates. I would like to argue as a user the resulting changes do not help us find what we want, and only give us highly specialized information that is often not what we are looking for. As this is the case, you can circumvent these Google changes by using other links, particularly with Twitter. At the same time we create links with shortened URLs through Twitter, we also want to get those links acted upon. In this article, we take a look at some strategies.

5 Tips On Writing Tweets to Get Views

A Tweet is an Article Title:

Promotion never works really well on Twitter. Everyone can see it from a mile away. If you want to attract click-thrus and interest, writing Tweets like your great article headings. The same principles apply.

Dump Self Promotion:

If you want to promote yourself, at least create another profile and do it from the third person. Social networking is all about recommendations and trust. If people see you are promoting yourself, they will soon leave you.

Dump Abbreviations:

There are so many abbreviations and acronyms these days many are doubled up. Writing clearly is what is important. Abbreviating could mean you are losing more than half of your audience. The acronyms you assume everyone will understand could mean something completely different, and you could be sending potentially rude, strange or even offensive messages.

Writing Properly:

If you are going to write, you need to write properly. The world might be turning all techy, but there are some principles that remain. Grammatical and spelling errors, even if they were stupid mistakes, make you look uneducated and simple. If you have trouble checking get some software like Whitesmoke to help you get it right. Before long you will have lost bad habits and stopped making those same silly mistakes.


Use software and Apps such as Hootsuite to track what you Tweet. You will have a much better idea of what is better, but you will still be left wondering why. This is just something you have to work out on your own, or go with your gut instinct.

All links to your blog posts will improve your blog post rankings. None will improve them like Twitter while writing tweets. Just like any other area of Search Engine Optimization, quality content is King. Except if you are Charlie Sheen of course.

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