Better and Best Design, From Different Perspectives

Better and Best Design, From Different Perspectives

Better is not always enough for designers. In most cases, designers are expected to come up with a best design. I have often heard people asking what the difference is when it comes to a better design and a best design. Designers grow with every new project and before you start working on a new project; your aim should be to outdo your previous projects. Now, the definition of better and best varies form a person to person. What appears best to some designer might not appear as best to the client or the user.

Obviously, there are no set of rules defined to make a design best from being only better. In this article we will be discussing different perspectives of those people who would be directly related to the design or the project. These people are mostly the designers, clients and last but not the least, users. Clients, designers and users; all of them have their own way and style of thinking which is exactly why they will perceive design in their own ways. Let us now discuss their perspectives to understand the different between a better design and a best design.

Better or Best Design; See It from Designer’s Eye:

Better or Best Design; See It from Designer’s Eye

For designers, their every creation is best and they love those people who actually understand their creativity and appreciate them for what they are. At times, for designers, practicality of the website may ruin their designing but then again for them a best design is something that looks beautiful regardless of the fact if the website is practical or impractical. They would love to hear people appreciating minute details in their designs. Beauty of the textures, color palette and typography is something that every designer would love to hear appreciation about.

We all love compliments for ourselves and for anything that we do. Same goes for designers as being creative is not something easy, when they work so hard on a design, they want to hear compliments. For designers, their ideal audience would be who are not very critical about everything and understand the theme behind the designing.

For designers, a best website is a website which is simply more beautiful than the other one. You can put the best functional websites in front of a designer and he will still select the one with better aesthetics because that is how designers work. For them the journey of better to best is covered within one word and that is aesthetics.

Ask any designer and he will let you know the importance of aesthetics. Their creativity is something which makes them different from others so they do not like people making fun of their designs. Their job is to make something look beautiful and if everyone was capable of doing it, designers would be out of work.

It won’t be wrong to say that most of the internet users around the globe are attracted towards beautiful websites. This case is not only limited to websites. We all love beauty and love to appreciate it as well. Now, aesthetics might be the most important thing for a designer to differentiate between a better and a best design, but they do understand that websites are much more than just being beautiful and this is exactly what is a client’s perspective would be.

Better or Best; What Is a Client’s Perspective?

Better or Best; What Is a Client’s Perspective?

The clash between a designer’s perspective and a client’s perspective of better and best, makes designing difficult for every designer. Not every designer gets the luxury to work in their own way. Only a few designers are lucky enough to design something exactly how they want to because mostly designers have to face constant interference of clients. I don’t blame clients for that because their perspective of a best website obviously differs from a designer’s point of view. However, satisfying clients is what every designer has to do in order to keep getting more projects.

As per client’s perspective, it is very important for a user to be able to relate to the design. Complex layouts might look better in the first look but not every visitor will relate to them. Both perspectives are correct in one way or the other. Some visitors might go with the product which looks beautiful and some would want to get the product which will actually address and fulfill their needs instead of looking beautiful.

For a client, your design should meet the goals they have set regardless of how it looks. This does not mean that the website or the product should not look attractive but at the end of the day, it should serve its purpose. The client does not care how many awards you have bagged for your designing if your designing is unable to bring in customers for him. For clients it’s all about building an entire brand and marketing the product in a right way so they get more and more visitors. Practicality, functionality is more important to them than aesthetics. From a client’s perspective, a best design is the one which looks nice but most importantly is meeting the goals that were set.

Most Important – User’s Perspective:

Most Important – User’s Perspective

User is someone for whom all this effort is being done so at the end of the day, satisfying them is the most important thing. The user can belong to any part of the world which means defining a certain user’s perspective is something impossible. For some people, a best design would be something that looks beautiful and is attractive and for some it would be something which is addressing their needs and is properly functional. Every user will be different from the other so making everyone happy is going to be out of question here.

Some people will love the website because it looks best, some will love it because of the best content it provides and some will care the least about both. One perspective that will bring every user’s perspective together is that whether the design is properly functional or not. It does not matter if the website looks best if it is not working properly. Also, it does not matter if the website contains the best content if a user is unable to locate it easily. So, for a user we can say that a best website is which helps them in answering their queries and is functional. In such cases, designing and marketing takes a back seat. is a perfect example of less design and more functionality. The website is really simple but is the most famous website in the world. This truly shows what users want.

Bringing All the Perspectives Together:

Bringing All the Perspectives Together

Now we know that the difference between a better and a best design for a designer would be how attractive the design looks. For a client, the design has to be effective even if it is not that beautiful.

Last but not the least, users eventually do not care about all this as all they want is a website which is properly functional.

If you are a best designer, you will make sure that you combine all the perspectives and then design a website accordingly. Your design should be creative and beautiful enough to attract audience’s attention. Also, the design should be able to deliver the message of the client and last but not the least, it should be functional.

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