Different Species of a Corporate Logo – The Ultimate Guide

Different Species of a Corporate Logo - The Ultimate Guide

A logo is the symbol of your company and is the way of providing an image of your business. Logo is a missed element of the business if the company doesn’t have one or the one they have is not good enough. A Corporate logo is important for branding purposes and as it is a graphical representation of the entire business. It becomes a single element that gives identity to the business and becomes manifestation of the company within the target market. A company without a logo can raise questions as to the business of the company and can diminish the company’s overall marketing strategy.

Designing Principle of a Logo:

Designing Principle of a Logo
Designing Principle of a Logo

You can regard a logo as the “face” of the company, a symbol that becomes the main identity of the company with the use of different shapes, fonts and colors. They provide the basic image of the business and are an easy way of representing a company in the corporate world.

The quality of a good logo is that it is unique and comprehensible for the target market. Although there are hundreds of choices for fonts, colors and shapes but a logo should be the one which tells about the business to as much extent as it can and symbolizes the inlaying working of the company or even the industry.

Different Species of Corporate Logos:

Different Species of Corporate Logos
Different Species of Corporate Logos

Designing a corporate logo calls for maximum creativity that you can employ as a logo is an image builder or image breaker for the company. Therefore mush vigilance should be put in making the perfect logo. In our post today, we have described all the major types of company logo designs so that you know all what you need to know about this critical element. So here goes.

Wordmark Logo Design:

Wordmark Logo Design

Wordmark is the most commonly used type of logo designs which is most basically the use of only letters and fonts with less or no graphical representation. This type of logo design can work well for the companies whose name signifies their business, two examples for such type of famous logo designs are Home Depot and Office Max. Apart from the text and typeface, this type of logo design can also incorporate other elements.

For literal interpretation of the business name, Wordmark is the most appropriate choice as it uses unique typographic platforms like Microsoft or Yahoo. In most cases however, the company name is simply incorporated with basic graphical elements to create a logo which forms a clear and simple identity.

Wordmark logo design works best when:

  • There is a limitation of funds for communication and hence more focus is put on name recognition.
  • The name of your company is distinctive and/or;
  • The association of products with the name is more appropriate than symbols.

Lettermark Logo Design:

Lettermark Logo Design

Lettermark works similar to the Wordmark, the only difference being in the use of only the initials and not the full name. Landmark is completely a typographic mark and uses abbreviations or initials to create monograms and anagrams usually and these letters become a symbol of the company.

Lettermark logo design is best to use when:

  • The graphical representation of your company name’s initials will translate better than the actual name.
  • You are a subsidiary and for creating a link to your parent company, you cannot use the full name.
  • The name of your business is already big and your target market can easily recognize your company name from your initials
  • You are ready to let the public learn to interpret the meaning of your initials used in the Lettermark.

Brandmark Logo Design:

Brandmark Logo Design

Brandmark corporate logo design is the graphical representation of the working of the company. These are often symbols and are abstract. They are created in a way that complements the basic working of the company, the product or services, and establishes an association with the company. Brandmark uses symbols and graphics in a highly creative way to produce a logo that is easily comprehensible by the target market and imprints that logo on the minds of the intended audience. Companies usually employ high level creative parties to create their logo so that it becomes a trademark of their business and a one major element from which the company can be recognized. Two popular examples of Brandmark logo design is Apple and Nike.

You should opt for a Brandmark logo design when:

  • Your products need an emblem or a symbol that will better advertise and distinguish them.
  • The name of your company is too long or common to be used wholly or initials and doesn’t translate well in global language.
  • Your company is a subsidiary and you cannot use the name of the parent company directly.
  • You have ample funds to advertise your business so that your symbol becomes popular
  • You can make the public learn what the symbol means.

Iconic Logo Design:

Iconic Logo Design
Iconic Logo Design

Iconic corporate logo designs are also known as combination marks as it combines two major forms of logo designs in one; Brandmark and Wordmark. This combination can be of any sort as the company or the designers think suitable. If this combination is loose, both these types of designs can be used to create a logo where these elements can be used independently or together.

This is the most popular style of logo designs as a well used iconic logo can serve the purpose of explaining what the business of the company is about explicitly and can also portray a unique identity. In the world where effective communication holds a lot of importance, iconic logo designs are gaining immense popularity as they offer the benefits of two in one.

An iconic corporate logo design works best when:

  • You have a business which works on a small scale and has a limitation of funds.
  • The name of your company is although distinctive, but not as much that the target market can distinguish and remember easily
  • Your product requires the use of emblem, the symbol that can distinguish you but also requires more than a symbol.
  • You are unsure whether your Brandmark will have a lasting impact on the clients and hence the use of words with it.

One major benefit that iconic logo design offers is that it requires less advertising as the name of the company is written along with the symbol. Serving two purposes, this type of symbol becomes more effective. From the marketing point of view, iconic logo designs can work best for most of the companies.

Final Thoughts:

Logo is created to give an identity to the company and the business and is something that cannot be changed often or at all. Therefore, it should be created keeping this aspect in mind and putting a lot of thinking as to whether what style and design will work best for your company. It requires the best of creativity and wise choices. And once you have a logo created, you should put some effort in advertising it. lettermark, wordmark, brandmark and iconic are the types of logo designs that can be used for different types of business in different styles and hence should be used in the best possible way.

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