How to Design an Impressive About Us Page For Your Blog?

How to Design an Impressive About Us Page For Your Blog?

It goes without saying that the About Us page of a website is one of the most important aspects of a site. The page speaks and defends the entire site and hence it is very important to design them impressively. Many websites are ranked high based on their ‘About Us’ Pages.

How to Design an Impressive ‘About Us’ Page:

There are quite a few people who do not realize the importance of the page and just put in some words explaining the history and mechanism of a working company. As website dominance grows day-by-day, may businesses have adopted the go-online policy; the about us page on any website can engage audiences in a more personal approach and friendly manner.

Impressive About Us Page

Here are some great things that will help you build a better ‘About Us’ page and impress your visitors.

1. Showing Your Brand in the Most Appropriate Manner:

The point is quite obvious. Surprisingly, there are just a handful websites that forget to mention their brand names in the ‘About Us’ page. Apart from just mentioning your brand name, explain to your audience why such a name was chosen or how your service incurred the name. This develops a unique personal touch between you and your audience. By presenting an interesting theme or story you can arouse the interest level in them.

2. Images Can Actually Talk:

Images are not just visually appealing elements. They can earn the trust of your visitors. Visitors love to know whom they are dealing with better. This is exactly why adding photos of your business professionals, company logos and the setup itself can impress visitors. This indeed will enable visitors realize the force behind the business and develop the trust in you.

3. Pay Attention to the Demands of Your Visitors:

You can afford to promote yourself on the ‘About Us’ page. This piece of content should be written in a way to make your audience feel that they would benefit by getting in touch with you. While you explain your business, make sure you stress on the fact that your business is a key solution to common issues and concerns of daily living.

4. Write From the First-Person Perspective:

The most appropriate way to bring a personal connection is to address your audience directly. So avoid talking about your company and its services in the third person perspective. Apart from giving a personal touch, this will also have greater impact on your visitors.

5. Never Forget to Update Your Content:

Even though the history and mechanism of your company might remain the same, it is important to keep updating even the smallest of developments. This will not only boost your company’s status, but also keep your existing company happy. There are many new services that established companies add to their basket of services. The ‘About Us’ page can act as an active marketer for you. Hence, never allow any of your ‘About Us’ pages to become too stagnant.

A press release page or a news room is a great way to announce recent developments and events. Awards and other prestigious recommendations need to be added to your ‘About Us’ page as it adds to the reputation of your business.

6. A Call-to-Action Button Can Be Useful:

The ‘About Us’ page gives a glimpse of your service and company. Where would your visitors go from there on? What next? The portfolio or the ‘Contact Us’ area? The call-to-action button can drive your visitors to the destination you want them to go. It’s not just that. It is one of the ways to convert a casual visitor into a prospective one.

6. Using Crisp and Appealing Language:

One would strongly believe that the ‘About Us’ page is the apt page to provide detailed information on your company or service. As observed in the behavior of modern internet users, people just hate to read detailed content unless it is their choice of subject. The modern micro-blogging style of writing is what is appreciated. Keeping things short and crisp like two or three sentences are welcomed.

The apt thing to do is write only as much as common readers would be interested. Using compelling language can entice visitors to know more. You can provide a ‘Know More’ or ‘Read More link where visitors can access detailed information by clicking them.

So, that is all I can think of for creating an effective ‘About Us’ page. Hope these ideas will help you in a big way.

This is a guest post by Lance Goodman of, a site that offers savings and current information on Dish TV.

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