One Step Checkout is the Best Extension for eCommerce Sites

Most businesses strive hard to develop high traffic to their websites using different techniques. But, creating enormous traffic to the site alone won’t help any business to come up with outstanding ROIs. It is your ability to turn the customer attentions by offering them a hassle-free shopping experience to complete the purchase. Most of the time, poor shopping carts designs and tedious checkout processes are cited to be the reasons for the most cart abandonment.  So, next time when you have a customer on your website, make sure they experience a blissful shopping by simplifying the shopping process, they should have One Step Checkout to avoid making them confuse. However, not to forget, the quality of your products should be above par in order to make it a memorable experience for the customers.

Best Extension for eCommerce Websites?

One Step Checkout

Cumbersome Checkout Process:

Most users that visit different sites never make to the payment pages due to the tedious and incorrigible checkout processes. Designing a shopping cart with faster and quicker access would help your customers to complete the purchase and recommend your services. Remember, customers love comfort; they never love websites asking for too much of personal information while placing an order. On the other hand, making the process entirely precise and fast encourages them to buy the products without any fuzz which in turn leads to revenue for your business. Often modify your shopping cart designs with respect to the current trend and woo the customers by offering them faster access to products. This is a proven strategy for expanding your business. In a nut shell, put an end to the shopping cart abandonment by simplifying the shopping process using one step checkout.

One Step Checkout Solution:

What exactly this tool does is it never allows the visitors to move to another page while placing an order and filling in details. It is highly useful in improving the customer visits, as customers don’t have to flip pages while editing or adding any details in the form. Often moving to different pages to add information and page reloading issues at that time annoys most customers leading to cart abandonment.  However, on installing one step checkout on your website, the ultimate cumbersome process of checkout becomes awesomely easy and practicable. The powerful features like multi-language support, coupon code option on the checkout page, auto updates of the city, country, costs, etc. make this extension a must have one for all eCommerce websites.

How it Improves Revenues?

Imagine, this checkout process integrates more than 6 to 8 steps of form filling to a single step process on a single page. So, you help the customers save enormous time which in turn forces the customers to carry on with the shopping process and complete it successfully. In addition, using one step check out extension you can remove all the unwanted data fields from the checkout form which encourages customers and help them build trust on your site. If you look out for high benefits with some unbelievable customer visits and ROIs, the best choice would be to install the one step checkout module on your website.

Cross-Browser Compatibility:

It is one of the issues that most web owners face. An extension that works on one platform fails to perform well on the other. You would have invested some serious money for the extension and if doesn’t work on all platforms, you might lose potential buyers because of this. However, in our case you don’t have to worry as one step checkout comes up with cross-browser compatibility. So, users across different localities using distinct browsers can use your shopping cart effectively for purchasing the goods of their choices. With more than 10,000 downloads, this is one of the popularly downloaded tools by most eCommerce businesses.

Where to Buy It?

In fact, it is a tricky question to answer! With tons of websites offering one step checkout extension for Magento finding the best one may be tough. But, on filtering them by the quality of product, service, support, cost-effectiveness, performance, it becomes possible to end up with a handful of companies. Of them, a reliable and reputed company offering a wide range of Magento products cost-effectively is Apptha one step checkout. The one step checkout extension offered by them comprises a special feature named “Geo IP” which helps the customers to select the country and city automatically. As the extension is Ajax-powered, the page loading will be transparent and quite faster. It offers both the guest checkout as well as registered checkout process which benefits the customers as well.


From the above discussion it is vivid that reducing the steps in the shopping cart simplifies the entire shopping process and helps the customers to complete the shopping with ease. So, implement this smart extension in your sites to shorten the shopping process and to appease your customers. I hope everyone enjoyed this article.

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