AIDA Technique For Designing A Remarkable Landing Page

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The significance of a trendy and captivating landing page is imminent for the success of a website. If you want to improve your conversion rate and sales, it is more than imperative to design the landing page that ensures a smooth interaction with your potential traffic.

In fact, the landing page design is often considered as a vital factor while evaluating the performance of a website. It must be designed to rivet the targeted audience and keep them engaged to make them perform actions (with CTA buttons) that can heighten the business profits. Since, irrespective of your business type (like eCommerce, technical services, etc.), your landing page design plays a crucial role in influencing your visitors’ behavior. And thus, it must be designed with an absolute technique like AIDA.

AIDA – A Foreword:

To achieve a great design, a landing page must possess an intuitive layout that can direct visitors to perform desired goals. And, AIDA offers a brilliant design strategy that helps focus on the functionality and UX and thus, delivers a prolific landing page design.

AIDA Technique For Designing A Remarkable Landing Page

AIDA is a popular acronym in advertising and marketing realm that helps create effective and efficient methodologies, which ensure a seamless user interaction. This design approach has been implemented in the web design arena for years. It includes design facets while taking the users’ emotion into account (when a user accesses a web page). AIDA includes Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. If all these factors are considered while designing will not only help create a captivating web page, but also encourage visitors to interact further and perform actions.

Let’s delve deep into the four factors that are emphasized in AIDA technique and distill how they can help improve a web design and make landing pages highly interactive and intriguing.

1. Attention:

The prime step in the AIDA strategy is Attention. It is the foundational step, since it is hard to convince visitors to perform an action if you won’t be able to gather your visitors’ attention.

A fresh and impressive web design has a great likelihood to get noticed. And, it can be accomplished by precisely designing the UI elements. However, the web design is an ever fluctuating field, but there are certain aspects that can offer an invaluable design to attract visitors’ interest and encourage them to interact with the design.

Here are a few tips to create an attention grabbing design, let’s explore them.

  • Eye-catchy headlines
  • Legible and attractive typography with clear typefaces
  • Impressive graphics in the form of animations, videos and images

2. Interest:

The second step after grabbing visitors’ attention is to make the web page more interesting. For this, you must include only the genuine info about your business and make it certain that the info is relevant to the headlines. Moreover, it is advisable to showcase how your products and services can benefit users, rather than simply underlining your business offerings.

To make an interesting landing page design, include all the upsides of your business in a precise and concise fashion, so that viewers can read them at a glance. You may enlist them in bullet points, list, etc., to allow users to rapidly go through the information.

3. Desire:

Once the visitors are interested to interact further with your website, the next essential step is to generate a desire among them for your products and services. This is a wide section that must be tackled with an ultimate approach. Since, by now you have attained your visitors’ interest, they will be willing to spend more time while interacting with the design. Thus, you can add more detailed content, including text, images, videos, etc.

Here, you can flaunt your business reputation, include social proofs via client testimonials, your active users/consumers across the globe and insert relevant things to boost their desire. This will help build trust among visitors and leverage your business.

4. Action:

The last but not the least step is Action. The ultimate aim of a landing page is to convince visitors to perform an action. This step facilitates one to proficiently convert a visitor into a customer, and it, thus, is yet another important step. Here, you are required to design inviting CTA (Call to Action) buttons. Some tips to make your CTAs stand out on the landing page include

  • Subtly styled buttons that are designed with an absolute area and feel of depth
  • Place them in white spaces
  • Use eye pleasing yet highlighting colors

I hope this article have offered you a great insight into the AIDA strategy and how it can be implemented while designing a landing page that can benefit your business. Go through each step thoroughly and keep them in mind to design an outstanding landing page.

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