Tips for Designing Print Adverts that will Get you Noticed

Effective advertising is one of the most important ways to keep your business relevant in today’s business environment. It is very difficult to find a non-competitive industry or market, and even then, it is still important to advertise just to maintain customer interest. There are many ways that you can market your business. You can use TV commercials, radio ads, online marketing campaigns and print adverts. Print adverts are still a very effective and widespread way of marketing your brand.

Print advertising is all about getting the right design working for you. The following are some of the ways you can get noticed.

Have a Clear Message:

You should focus on one clear message at a time in every design. You can include other important points but one clear message should run the theme of the advert, whether it is a sale, announcing a new product or transforming your brand. Once you have chosen the message, it is much easier to choose how to convey it to your audience.

Tips for Designing Print Adverts that will Get you Noticed

Use a Logo:

Logos make it easy for people to identify your brand even when they cannot remember the name of the company. You need to work with a graphic designer who can create a unique and visually appealing logo. You may have noticed that some companies do not even have to mention their brand name in their adverts because their logo is so popular and easily recognized among their customers. Make sure the logo is suitable for the kind of demographic you’re trying to target.

It is all About Color:

Color is a very important part of a designer’s job. Colors can be appealing or even disturbing if not combined in the right way. For instance, if you are advertising a green company, you will go for earthy colors like brown, green and yellow to make it easier for the audience to identify with your theme. Your color scheme should be streamlined with the logo and brand colors.


When reading a print advert, most people are often drawn to words in larger font. Most people do not read all the details but often scan through. You need to capture your audience’s attention by making sure the information they are looking for is easy to capture from simply browsing through the ad. You can find a wide variety of fonts to choose from online. Choosing the right typography will determine how well your audience will respond to your ad. Make sure that the font also corresponds with the logo to maintain uniform appeal.

Graphics and Pictures:

You should always consider using graphics and pictures for fun and entertaining advertising. Most consumers are often attracted by visual representation of what the ad is all about. Well-designed graphics and pictures can get your audience to pay more attention to the ad and even read the fine print. Your picture can even send a direct message to the audience without having to give much explanation in text. There has been so much creativity when it comes to graphics in print media in the past and you can get inspiration from magazines, books, newspapers and online communities.

Make Sure your Images are Print Friendly:

When choosing images to add to your print adverts, you need to makes sure the images are at least 300 DPI. If you are going to use pictures from other photographers, you should find out if they are copyright-free to avoid any legal trouble. Low-quality images often end up looking pixelated in print and lack visual appeal. If you are using a new design or image, make sure they are print ready. You can also print a few copies just to see what it looks like on paper before going into mass production.

Relate to your Audience, do a Survey:

The whole point of the advert is to show your audience that you have what they need. So how do you know what they need? You can get feedback from your audience using surveys. Surveys are a great way to gather customer feedback about their thoughts, opinions and expectations. You can carry out surveys on previous print adverts and use the feedback you receive to make your new adverts even better. If you are coming up with a new concept, conduct a test survey on the ad before releasing it. You can find a small part of your target demographic to participate in the survey as a representation of the larger masses and use their recommendations to adjust the design before going full public. Use spreadsheets or free online tools such as PanXpan’s survey response module to then share the survey results with your team and get feedback.

Incorporate a Call to Action:

Once you have your audience’s attention and have passed on the message, you need to tell them what to do after that. A call to action helps define next steps (a QR code or bar code for scanning, a phone number, URL or physical location where your consumers can get more information). Make sure your call to action is track-able. If it is, it can then be used to gauge efficiency and see which ads in which publications are performing the best.   Again you can use spreadsheets or free online tools such as PanXpan’s print spend module to track effectiveness of your various print ads and see which ones performed the best. Sharing these results with the rest of your team is also important to make sure you’re achieving the required results and return on investment (ROI).

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