Why you Must Have a Mobile Friendly Website to Survive?

Mobile friendly web design

A mobile-friendly website is a must if you want Google to rank your website highly. But what actually mobile friendly website means? The site which is Responsive web design, Dynamic serving and Separate URLs, this mixture of approaches a site which is said to have mobile friendly website.

Responsive Web Design:

With this design site the content should be able to display in all optimal layout depending on the screen size.

Dynamic Serving:

The ability to show the different versions of the site to the visitors by keeping them in same URL structure this is only based on what server knows about user’s browser.

Separate URLs:

Site must have an exclusive power to detect when a user visits from a mobile device. And can redirect that particular user to the mobile specific website which is called having one for mobile and one for desktop browsers’

Why you must have a mobile friendly website

Major Points on the Importance of Having Mobile-Friendly Websites:

  • More people conduct searches on mobile devices than on desktop computers.
  • Using Smartphone, on the go consumers will search for local businesses
  • Action-orientation characterizes local smartphone users.
  • Ability to bring in new customers via search
  • Local searches on mobile have a higher conversion rate
  • Mobile surpasses desktop
  • Ranking higher on mobile search results
  • Mobile friendly sites are more likely to convert
  • Mobile user acts differently and buys more
  • Mobile advertising is an unexploited resource
  • Mobile apps can boost your brand

How will you get to Know that your Website is Mobile Friendly?

You can access the mobile usability function in webmaster tools or mobile responsive test under Search traffic> Mobile Usability. This will help to analyze your site and provide a detailed look at any issues, and also provides solutions on how to resolve these problems or issues.

But if at all your site doesn’t show any results after testing then will help you throughout this so start fixing website mobility issues, contact us, our team is always ready for an appraisal.

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