Top Websites Where The Use Of CSS is Clearly Portrayed

Top Websites Where The Use Of CSS is Clearly Portrayed

CSS as a language is used to define the styling execution of documents within a markup language. It offers much more flexibility by saving the developer’s time and effort. Additionally, it offers multiple possibilities to modify the look and feel of document depending on browser and media type. In order to design web pages with CSS, businesses need to know the standards how browser’s function and respond on the web design results.

CSS evolved as a web design method that allows keeping the content and design distinguished from each other. CSS offers multiple advantages such as easier editing of web pages, user-friendly web pages, reduced load time of pages and the most important is search engine friendly web pages. CSS sites are easily viewed in mobile devices but sites that have not been designed in CSS cannot be viewed using handheld devices.

By supporting the latest versions of all major browsers, CSS finds its way to a great user experience. Listed below are some website designs where the use of CSS has been made to inspire online users. Let’s throw a look:



HireWebDeveloper offers all extended services related to web design and development. The layout is simply attractive, clean, structured and easy to browse. This clean and intuitive interface attracts users and gives them an easy to browse feeling. Designed with a clean coding technique, CSS design makes it easier for the website to get easily readable on search engines.



With its office headquartered in Delaware USA, HTMLPanda features a bold design with large-size font values, scrolling effects and a contrasted color scheme that makes it stand out. Presented with unique and uncluttered space, it guides visitors towards their destination in the best possible ways.

The use of CSS transitions in design makes it simple to navigate through the pages and content.



The site has some really beautiful areas where the use of CSS is clearly shown. Using moderate letter spacing and almost between the lines, the site is presented clean and easy to read. The website combines great functionality, usability and design to provide sophistication and elegance.



The website blends colors black and orange, making it visually attractive. The navigation is quick and effortless and lies in creating a great experience for users. Inspired with clean design, the website incorporates all the functional elements of CSS with a curated layout. The menus are easily customizable. Being SEO-friendly, site navigation is readable to bots and the menu text is given supreme priority in search engine algorithms.


Appschopper - CSS

AppsChopper is a recognized name for designing world-class mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms. The design accommodates to the needs of mobile users as well by being extremely responsive and adaptive in nature. The design caters all device and their platforms. It can greatly enhance the way users find their way around. The design excellently supports all modern browsers.



One of the well-known SEO service providers, BetterGraph attracts a lot of traffic and searches with its tableless layouts display that gives the design flexibility. The site is as enjoyable to create as it is to use and offers a really rich experience by giving the ability to users to create something unique. The design of the website is bright and lively with a combination of form and functionality.


Inkyrobo - CSS

This website depicts one of the striking examples of CSS sites with home and web pages being structured properly, appealing not only to the eyes but also being smooth in functionality. The efforts on the part of designers are really commendable. CSS styles incorporated are made to revamp the feel and functionality of a website, thereby giving web design a boost.

Summing it Up:

CSS is used in a website’s presentation and includes many elements like color, fonts and layout. These elements add to the creativity by including attractive styles to web designs. The use of CSS in web design greatly increases the amount of traffic, thereby making it easier to finding relevant information matching to the search queries. It also ensures that your website is built in a cross-browser compatible mode. It also offers control on the website’s appearance with more visual options.

The use of CSS in designing websites that are advantageous for reaching millions of users who make use of mobile to browse the site is growing at an alarming rate. It allows users to create a web page that is specifically made for mobile. With all these advantages in hand, CSS in web design that welcomes consistency both in appeal and design. By including a wider variety of stylic capabilities, CSS meets the requirements of web designers and developers, thereby offering a greater control over site appearance and functionality.

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