Why SEO Starts at the Beginning of a Content Marketing Project?

Why SEO Starts at the Beginning of a Content Marketing Project

Digital Marketing and SEO should walk hand in hand, but often marketers plan their content marketing roadmap without keyword research and when everything is finalized they glance at SEO to make a list of keywords that can be forcefully inserted into the content. Unfortunately, this is a wrong strategy and can spell doom for your business. Intelligent and analytical SEO services can decipher who is your target audience, exactly what do they want, where are they in the buyer’s journey and what type of content they prefer from your brand. Search engine optimization should be the foundation of any content marketing campaign.

Content Should be Determined With the Help of Keyword Research:

Keywords must not be used for decorating any promotional or non-promotional content. The content strategy should begin with keyword research and it can be done with the tools provided by Google. Keyword research gives you an idea about what the customers want and you can brainstorm the content ideas that will fulfill the target audience’s needs.

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Keyword research dictates the type of content required:

You can search for keywords in Google and use the search results to collect information about the content.  What type of information is required? Who needs the information and where searchers are in the buying journey?

  • Type of information required– In case the search results of the target keyword shows basic information or how-to articles, then it means your target audience want to learn and if the keyword result shows product price comparison or product reviews then it means customers want to buy something.
  • People who are looking for the information– When the search result shows technical and detailed information, then it means executives or top level professionals are your primary target. On the other hand, if you get general articles as search results, then your target audience is common people. Based on the searcher profile, you can customize your content strategy.
  • At what stage in the buying journey– As I have mentioned earlier, if the keyword results show basic information, then your customers are just gathering knowledge about the product or service you offer. On the other hand, if the keyword results show product comparison or reviews, it means they are aware of the product; they want it, and just one step away from making the purchase decision.

When you have all these data, your content will feature the right information, address the correct audience, and help consumers make the purchase decision.

Google’s Ranking Priority can be Guessed from SERP Analysis:

SERP analysis helps you understand Google’s ranking preferences. Just the page one of SERP can help you determine what type of content is preferred by Google and users. For example, if most of the results are video, then people searching for the target keyword prefer dynamic content. Similarly, if most of the results show long articles exceeding 2500 words, then users are looking for comprehensive content. If the first page results show a mix of info-graphic, slideshow, and videos, then it means people are looking for visual content. Once you identify the user as well as Google’s preferences, you can create the content in the right format to ensure better visibility on SERP.


SEO is crucial for the success of content marketing. If you have already started the content marketing project, then follow the suggestions mentioned above to make modifications in the content for better ROI.

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