How to Combine SEO and PPC Strategies for Better Conversions?

WordPress has become even more powerful and versatile with each passing day just because it is an open source platform. If you were wondering how SEO and PPC work together for the betterment of traffic flow and improved rankings then now is the time to try it out. While the open source allows complete freedom to users in using the CMS in the way they want, users get another very significant benefit from it. Thousands of developers around the world are using their innovative powers to create WordPress plugins that enhance the performance of SEO. The continuous addition of new tools and features offers more options to users who are now able to perform any specific SEO function on the WordPress platform.  The open source nature has made it possible to make WordPress a CMS that offers endless opportunities. That you can manage the basics of WordPress without knowing anything about coding is another reason why people are flocking to it.

SERP – Google’s Work in Progress:

If you have observed Google’s search engine result page (SERP) closely over the past one year, you must have noticed that there are changes always happening to it. The changes are the result of actions that Google take in its endeavor to align in a better way with the objectives of consumers by making the listings more relevant and improving the quality of content. The changes to SERP have links to SEO in some way or the other because it affects search rankings. Thus, it calls for adjustments and improvements in SEO strategies that show the way to new methods for improving search rankings.

Using SEO and PPC Together:

By combining SEO with PPC, it is possible to achieve wholesome gains in digital marketing because it is the only way to improve conversions and drive more traffic to your website. It is no more an option but a necessity to use the combined powers of SEO and PPC. When you combine the strategies, you generate data that throws light on some customer attributes like behavior, intentions and geography or locations. The findings are invaluable resources for creating fresh and more focused marketing strategies for making the marketing campaign more forceful.


The findings from the data collected from SEO and PPC campaigns that run together result in containing cost by optimizing the PPC budget and create more compelling content based on a new keyword strategy that targets specific geographic locations. It enables the use of exact phrase keywords used by the specific targeted audience that aligns with their intentions.

Combining Efforts to Improve Strategies:

With an eye on increased conversion, here are the ways you can use SEO and PPC in tandem to improve the strategies.

  • Keyword data sharing increases the campaign intelligence – Since keywords are equally important for SEO and PPC, though used in different ways, both teams engage in keyword research to identify terms that match with the online behavior of the audience and project traffic growth that drive qualified conversions. As searches now comprise of long tail keywords and complete sentences, sharing of keyword data between both teams is necessary to offer coordinated messages that revolve around brands and solicit conversion.
  • Goal sharing by combining metrics – Having access to information collected by both teams not only pin points consumer behavior more accurately but you can use it to support the campaigns of inbound marketing. To gain insight into how consumers are interacting with some digital properties and how they behave when they go away from the website you must make use of the user engagement metrics and PPC data.
  • Break down compartments – For improving the productivity of online campaigns, it is necessary to remove the barriers between SEO and PPC, so that information including critical information flows freely. The closer the two teams come better will be the information flow and more productive will be the online marketing campaign.

Aligning SEO and PPC:

If you are still considering SEO and PPC as two different entities, it is high time that you align these by arranging for shared reporting and sharing of communication portals as well as the objectives. Although these two functions can work separately, the barrier in exchange of information has to go because at the end the overall goals of both entities merge at one point – conversions.

Start using the powers of WordPress to add more teeth to our SEO and PPC campaign. Make use of more advanced plugins that serve some specific purpose that is exclusive to your business process. Keep your website updated in conformity with the suggested best practices of Google and keep a tab on the results of the campaign that you must review at regular intervals. Optimize the use of plugins so that you only use the ones that are indispensable for your website because lesser plugins mean higher site speed and better rankings.

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