Infographic: 10 Super Useful Font Infographics

Infographic: Conveying a message in the wrong font is like putting clean water in a dirty mop bucket. Your message may start out clear, but it will quickly become murky if you put it in a font that’s difficult to read or that doesn’t match the tone of your words.

So how do you choose the right font?

Learning the ins and outs of typography takes time, but infographics are a great place to start. We’ve collected nine of our favorite font infographics so you can learn all about font psychology, famous fonts, and ways to experiment with typography.

A Quick & Comprehensive Type Guide:

The world of typography is full of jargon: serif and sans serif, italic and bold, x-height and baseline. If keeping track of the terminology is giving you grief, read this infographic to learn basic typography terms.

Fonts & Feelings: Psychology in Typography

Ever noticed how different fonts give you different feelings? There’s a reason for that. This infographic shows how font psychology makes our brains associate a font’s physical appearance with a specific set of emotions and character traits.

How Does Your Font Taste?

Did you know that looking at certain fonts can actually give you sensory impressions of certain tastes? Find out your font’s psychological “food equivalent” with this tasty infographic.

Bold & Justified: The Huge World of Typography

Knowing where fonts come from will help you understand how we’re using them today. This popular infographic shows the history of typography, from Gutenberg’s printing press all the way to modern trends.

Timeline of Famous Fonts:

It makes sense that some fonts are more successful than others. Only a handful of standouts have even reached star status in the design world. Look at this timeline to find out who’s immortalizing these famous fonts. 

Fantastic Fonts And Where to Find Them:

Once people find a font they like, they tend to use it until it’s worn-out and boring. Mixing up the fonts you use will freshen up your designs. This infographic is full of creative fonts you’ve probably never tried before.

Top 10 Fonts Web Designers Love:

Designers love to play favorites with fonts. Thirty-four web designers from around the world shared their personal favorites. The result? This infographics of the top ten most-loved free and premium fonts in the world.

5 Font Fundamentals:

Typography is about more than just choosing the right font. You need to know what to do with the font you pick. This infographic walks you through five ways to improve your font by experimenting with color, spacing, and more.

Fonts & Colors In Logo Design:

Font Infographics: Good logo designs are worth a lot of money because they bring in business. Every aspect of the logo needs to be perfect – including its font. Find out what role fonts play in creating world-famous logos for companies like Google and Ford.

United Fonts of America:

Want to know what font best represents your state? You can find out with this fun infographic. (Unless you’re from Hawaii. Then you’re not on this map. Sorry.)

Find Your Font:

You may not be a typography expert yet, but you’re off to a good start. Now that you know a little (or a lot) more about typography, you’re ready to go find the font that fits your next project.

Know of another inspiring font infographic? Please share it in the comments!


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