July 12, 2020

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PSD to HTML Service by PixelCrayons

Online business market has become really competitive these days. In every field, you find so many players who are competing against each other. One of the parameter which differentiates one online business from the other is their website design.

Online business market has become really competitive these days. In every field, you find so many players who are competing against each other. One of the parameter which differentiates one online business from the other is their website design. Website is an important asset of every online business. It acts as the first medium of interaction between the company and the customers. Therefore, it is required to have an aesthetically pleasing website which has an amazing functionality that can actually differentiate you from others by establishing your individuality in the market, which is impossible without a perfect coding. If you’ve ever had to slice up a layout, you’re probably very aware of how difficult it can be to get your beautiful PSD layout to look just as awesome in the various major browsers used by the internet users across the globe. This task is quite time consuming and difficult. Unless you’re a fairly accomplished HTML and CSS programmer or you love coding, this job can seem cumbersome and tiring. This is the situation where the role of PixelCrayons comes into play.

About PixelCrayons:

PixelCrayons is a premier eBusiness solutions partner to small and medium enterprises, and blue chip companies. It specializes in custom web design and development, PSD to HTML, CMS and E-Commerce solutions. Xhtml.Pixelcrayons.com is a specialized division of PixelCrayons which offers pixel-precise hand-coded markup services (HTML / XHTML / CSS/PSD to WordPress), implementation of designs into various themes/CMS/shopping carts/blogs and website re-coding services. PixelCrayons believes in 100% customer satisfaction so that it endeavors to provide best quality coding in less turnaround time at affordable prices. Recently, the company has announced that it has achieved the benchmark of 98% Client retention rate.

Focus Areas Of Xhtml.PixelCrayons:

1) To Provide Best Quality Coding on time:

The beauty of the service of Xhtml.pixelcrayons.com is that they have been doing this since early 2005 and currently serving in 38 countries with an attractive client base of 2800 plus. This experience has brought them skills and intelligence to slice up your layout properly, rather than using the sketchy techniques of “the kid next door”. This implies that your images will be sliced, optimized, and named using a logical naming scheme. All the codes are 100% W3C validated, SEO semantic and cross browser compatible. They provide manual coding and does not make use of any automated software. The standard turnaround time is 8hours for the first page and 3 – 8 business hours for each additional page depending upon the complexity.

2) Allows Easy Order Placement:

Another great feature is their extremely comprehensive order page, where you can order a custom tailored service to address your needs. The ordering process is very simple, easy and secure. First of all, you need to fill a very easy form and select from the packages available. You may also specify all of your requirements in the form like software implementation, browser compatibility and certain compliance features. They have a order summary calculator. It helps you to plan your project requirements according to a pre-defined budget. The comprehensive order page enables the client to truly “personalize” his requirements ensuring what he gets exactly fits his/her needs.

3) Offers Quality Service at Affordable Prices:

Xhtml.Pixelcrayons.com gives quality service at affordable prices. Just take a look on their Web Page Markup price packages below:

Pricing: The company offers Markup Service for Web Page and Email Template, and the price depends on the service your choose.

For Web Page Markup, the packages are as follows:

a) Basic package ($99)

Features offered:

Markups: HTML 4.01 Transitional XHTML 1.0 Transitional

W3C Validation: CSS, XHTML & HTML

Browser capability: I.E 6.x / 7.x, Mozilla Firefox, Safari

b) Professional package ($199)

Features offered:

Markups: HTML 4.01 Transitional, HTML 4.01 Strict,XHTML 1.0 Transitional, XHTML 1.0 Strict W3C Validation: CSS2 (Advanced CSS Code Structure), XHTML & HTML Browsers Compatibility: I.E 6.x / 7.x, Mozilla Firefox, Safari 2.x/3.x, Opera, Konqueror Includes: SEO Semantic Code, Load Speed Optimization, Complete Presentation Separation, Maximum Cross-Browser Compatibility

They also give 50% discount on each additional page you ask for.

For of Email Template, Markup the packages are as follows:

a)Basic Package ($149)

Features Offered:

  • Inline CSS Styles
  • Table-based markup
  • Compatibility: MS Outlook 2003+, Outlook Express & Apple Mail

b) Professional Package ($249)

Features Offered:

  • Maximum Compatibility
  • Inline CSS Styles
  • Table-based markup
  • Compatibility: MS Outlook 2003+, Outlook Express, Apple Mail, G mail, Hotmail & YahooMail

4) Xhtml.Pixelcrayons says “Communication matters!”:

There are many reasons why you would want to go ahead and use a service that quickly and professionally converts your photoshop files into xhtml and css that you can use. PixelCrayons believes that ‘Communication plays an important role in building relationship with the customer and it also minimizes the chances of errors, thereby enhancing the quality of work.’ The team responds very quickly to the customer queries and maintains top notch communication with the customers during and even after the project, in the form of emails, phone and most importantly live chats via Yahoo, AOl, MSN, Skype messengers. They have a special area where clients are able to watch over their order, as well as submit feedback and communicate with their various departments. The team also addresses the issues that arise after the project is delivered to the clients very properly. That’s why, it has got a long list of happy clients. They are even socially active and you can catch them on Twitter and Facebook as well.

5) Quality and Price Assurance:

It is not so easy to trust a service provider and give a try as there could be so many risk factors like quality, high pricing, delays in project delivery and so on. To overcome all these fear factors, Xhtml.pixelcrayons.com has fixed up two guarantee schemes. The first is Money back guarantee, according to which, they would refund 100% money if the clients are not satisfied with the results or the team is unable to finish up the project. The Second one is Price guarantee scheme which says that they would happily match the price if anybody finds another equitable provider who could deliver the same quality at a lower price!

The Over all Expression:

If you are a designer, blogger, or even a coder that has too much on your plate, we definitely recommend Xhtml.Pixelcrayons.com as they focus on all the key areas which are required to be addressed for being a good PSD to HTML service provider. Their service, support, communication is just amazing and their quality of service, quick turnaround time, competitive pricing places them on the top of the list of PSD to HTML service providers.

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