Top Free Blogging Websites To Build a Blog For Free

Top Free Blogging Websites To Build a Blog For Free

If you are someone who is thinking about entering the blogosphere with one or more of your personal blogs yet don’t have an idea of how you can easily and freely accomplish that, then you have certainly come to the right place. Here you are going to find the list of the some of the most popular and best blogging websites. Every one of these is free yet each of these offers a different way of starting a blog. Familiarize yourself with them and see which works best for you.In no particular order, we are going to list 5 of the most popular free blogging websites.

Top Free Blogging Websites

1. Blogger (

Blogger is owned by Google and hence you can rely on some top notch free blogging features that you would otherwise have to pay for in other platforms. Blogger offers a wide variety of themed templates that you can use or you can very easily utilize the customizing options to give it your own unique and personal touch. Blogger also allows you to tweak your own blog as much as you want through its user interface.

2. WordPress (

WordPress is another very popular free blogging platform that has enabled millions of users to start up their blogs. As with Blogger and some other free blogging websites you can create any number of blogs with WordPress as well. It is quite user-friendly and allows you to choose from its many templates to produce a blog quickly. Some of the features it offers for free are anti-spam filters, traffic stats, SEO and much more. Many of the popular blogs run on this platform like Flickr and People Magazine’s Style Watch, therefore you know it is going to be a safe bet.

3. Tumblr (

Where most of the above blogging platforms are more or less text-oriented, Tumblr caters for those who don’t want to rely most on text and want to sell, promote or simply share visual content; such as photographs, artwork, web designs and other visual designed themed content. Not only is it best for those who want to post graphical content, it also works great with the absolutely new and micro bloggers. Other than visual content, you can also add audio files for sharing. The process of creating a blog is extremely simplified in this blogging platform. Download Tumblr Themes

4. Live Journal (

Live Journal and some other free blogging platforms have combined the feature of blogging with that of social networking. The result? You can participate in events, discussions, create networks and keep up with your blog. Through this platform you can search other users of Live Journal through similar interests or community and then draw up a group discussion.

5. Blog ( has some pretty neat features up its sleeves; these include beautiful themes and admirable plugins that you would otherwise get on a paid blog set up. It is powered by WordPress; however you do need to be aware that there will be a lot of ads running through your blog and you will be offered only 2GB of storage space.

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