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When you accidentally delete a file, folder, application or something else that you sincerely wanted to keep from your Mac, it can be a scary experience. It can be even more frightening when you delete a vital file like a term paper or a big presentation. Recovering Data on Your Mac would be your priority.

Recovering Data on Your Mac:

While the experience of accidentally eliminating needed data may never not create a little bit of terror, it doesn’t need to be such a frightening experience. The following tips and tricks can help you recover this lost data on your Mac before it is gone for good.

Don’t Panic:


If you are in a panic, you won’t act rationally and quickly. If you are quick and rational, there are very few reasons why you cannot get your data back. If you are freaking out, however, there are tons of reasons why you may never see these important files again.

Don’t Create any New Files:

Recovering Data on Your Mac
Dont Create any New Files

If you can help it, you don’t want any new files or folders written to your Mac’s hard drive. If you start saving a bunch of new data, there is a chance that you could end up overwriting the files that you want to recover. If you overwrite these files it is likely that it will be nearly impossible for you to recover them without the help of a computer professional, and even then these may be gone for good.

Have MacKeeper Ready and Waiting:

Recovering Data on Your Mac
Have MacKeeper Ready and Waiting

MacKeeper is an all in one bundled Mac app. If you have purchased MacKeeper, you know that it is like getting sixteen apps for the price of one. MacKeeper is rich with features including security software like antivirus, data management, disk optimization, system cleaning and more. Once such feature is called Files recovery, and it is terribly handy in a situation like this.

Files recovery can salvage these files and folders that you accidentally eliminated from your system, providing they haven’t been overwritten. It is easy to do, and it is very low stress provided you already have MacKeeper on your Mac.

If you don’t already have MacKeeper, you can download it. While there is a chance that some of the associated files could overwrite the files you are hoping to recover, the chance is pretty low. It is, however, exponentially easier to have this software on your system already.

MacKeeper isn’t the only such recovery software for your Mac, but it is probably the best value and one of the most effective out there. Whatever recovery solution you choose, it is always best to have chosen it before disaster strikes. The more time you take panicking, searching for a recovery solution and possibly having to download a second product if the first doesn’t work could all end up contributing to your lost files not being recovered. If you have MacKeeper and are calm, you stand a very good chance of recovering your accidentally deleted files.

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