Google Changes the Evaluation of the Link How Its Algorithm Works

Google Changes the Evaluation of the Link - How Its Algorithm Works

As you know, Google continues to refine its algorithms, and this month has made ​​40 “changes” – after January 17  – more or less important. Among the many there is yet another update of the Panda , now defined more precisely and “sensitive” , but among the 40 points there is a much more interesting than this. Lets Find out how Google Changes the Evaluation of the Link.

Google Changes the Evaluation of the Link!

For as noted also Matt McGee, one of the changes concerns the evaluation of the link .

Google said that “we often use the features of link to help us understand the topic of the linked page. We have changed the way we assess the links , in particular, we are abandoning the method of link analysis that we used for several years . Often abandon or redesign parts of our system in order to leave more easily maintainable, clean and understandable “ .

This sentence is somewhat cryptic.

Evaluation of the Link

Page Rank:

Chris Crum suggests that such a change could have an effect on the PageRank of all websites.

But do not think that’s the crux of the matter.

For years the link has been the main instrument to influence the positioning of a website.Around the links of all kinds are born business, marketplace (remember Text Link Ads and LinkLift , just to mention 2 names) public purchase and sale of hyperlinks and forums where these practices are still carried out, more or less sunlight.

I also remember the long diatribe about nofollow , the Google penalties against those who sell links “unsterilised” and finally the arrival of new social signals act to influence the positioning of websites.

Social Appreciation:

I think the point is this: the enormous growth in the number of Like, Tweet and +1, relative to the number of links, Google can not remain indifferent. As I have said many times, in absolute terms the number of social appreciation has increased dramatically compared to the number of links: very few now have a site / blog where placing a link to someone, than many who click on these buttons Facebook or Twitter.

Social Web:

I am deeply convinced that the nature of the new social web , what emerged from 3-4 years now, is dedicated to the appreciation of the fast: less comments and links, the most “Likes” and “Retweet”. It almost seems that users no longer have the time / desire to make a link you find interesting, and then insert it in a post writing of their own. The appreciation, approval, passed by a quick click of a button social.

Google these things must necessarily take into account the weight equilibrandole – probably overkill – because until now the link.

Google +1 , + Google and Google Search Plus Your World are all steps in this direction: we will see in the SERPs if soon you will hear the passage from the link economy to theeconomy like .

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