The Essential Characteristics of a Great Logo

The Essential Characteristics of a Great Logo

Graphic design is a bit like baking bread. It allows for a lot of creative freedom, but it’s also got certain specific ingredients that are required—meaning you can’t deviate too far from the core of its basic recipe. Sure, chocolate chips and cinnamon can add a fun touch of flavor, but if you don’t have the essentials (like flour and water), you’re just going to end up making a mess. The same is true when designing a logo.

Art is subjective, so it’s difficult to pin down the “ideal” logo or point to a formula that always leads to perfection. But the most successful logos do tend to have certain traits in common, as this illustrative resource from Company Folders shows. It helps break down all the attributes you definitely need—essentially, a logo’s core ingredients. Here’s a test taste:

  • Tailored to the target audience
  • Adaptable to many situations
  • Focused on one message
  • Consistent design
  • Bold and original
  • Memorable
  • Evergreen
  • Simple

Mixing these ingredients into the perfect logo and adding your own flavor can be a bit tricky—so it’s a good idea to look for inspiration before you start. You can see logo design examples and even get help from a team of experienced graphic designers when you connect with Company Folders, the makers of this graphic.

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