Social Media Marketing: Six Reasons Why It Matters?

6 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Matters

3.6 billion people are consuming social media across the globe, and each person spends around 2 hours and 22 minutes of their daytime on it. If you delve into it then, that’s the amount of interval your prospects are open to hearing, learning and buying from you. What’s more, engagement and movement are entirely organic. With the increasing developments in the social media marketing landscape, users are used to coming across ads and brand content. They seem to consider it as a part of the experience now. Other modes of advertisements are still forced and repelling at times.

Whether you choose to work with a social media agency in London or do it on your own, the end goal is always to be found by your audience at the right time and the right place. Social media gives you complete control over both these aspects and catapults you towards profitable brand recalls.

Social Media Marketing

Here are six reasons why SMM (Social Media Marketing) is relevant now, more than ever.

Targeted Traffic:

Not everyone will be interested in your product, and hence, not everyone needs to know about it. Social media allows you to choose your ideal customer and market to only those who fall within your ambit. Since you virtually reach your model prospects, the website traffic directed through these platforms is extremely targeted and ready for conversion.

Every bit of content you post is a promotional message that lures in your audience to take the next step. Additionally, social media ads allow you to choose and filter the viewers based on their age, gender, location, etc., lending a focused strategy towards success.

Audience Understanding and Engagement:

Social media is one of the most comprehensive research tools available. All your customer’s interests, actions, opinions and choices are out in the open for you to grab, analyze, and implement. Think of it as creating a focus group for your products but, without the hassles of getting them together in a room.

Once you have found your people, social media gives you the space to listen and address their pain points in real-time. Instead of being stuck in a one-way channel, you get to have a dialogue that helps improve your production and marketing initiatives. By creating a network backed by consumer satisfaction, you amplify your reach through positive feedback and word-of-mouth.

Brand Recognition and Awareness:

A well-thought-out content strategy not only captures your audience but, also gives them a brand image to associate with. Executed well, brands often create conversations across trending topics that garner attention and appreciation across the board. It also helps in bringing out the core message of the brand through different forms of content.

This propagates brand loyalty and builds on brand recall. For example, when uploaded on social platforms, a televised advertisement holds the potential for a viral reach. As more and more people, “like, share and comment” on your posts, you open your brand for better exposure and benefits.

Improved SEO:

SEO is a cumulative sum of all the signals that a search engine receives from different platforms. This includes your website, blog and social media. A brand with good authority on the internet with an audience base that values its opinions is bound to rank higher, thanks to redirected and concentrated traffic.

Simply re-sharing your website content on social media platforms can help bring in organic leads and consequentially, effortless SEO. Social media buttons allow for sharing by your audience, further boosting your SERP. Plus, Google and Bing now display tweets in their search results, giving you another area to be featured upon.

Most Affordable Social Media Marketing:

Social media, in all its glory, is free for use. If you stick to an organic marketing model, relying only on your content quality and consistency, you shall build an audience that advocates for your brand at all levels. Even mobile advertising is now more affordable than ever.

Facebook and Google Ads are paid channels with the highest ROI in the world. Leveraging the influence of social media, you can level the playing field with the giant sharks for a fraction of the cost. A full range of ad strategies allows you to start at a beginner level and improve your conversion rate as you go forward.

Authority and Thought Leadership:

If I were to tell you three things about SEO that worked in your favor, what’s the probability of you coming back to me for further help? I’m guessing the number is quite high. The same concept smears onto social media as well. Developing valuable and informational content that predominantly helps your audience can establish your authority in the industry.

Once you pose yourself as an expert on any topic, your prospects shall take your content by the word and in turn, be open to purchasing your product. It also fetches loyalty within your consumers and amplifies your brand value in the long run. Goes without saying that your business is considered authentic and approachable within the industry too.

It is Imperative You Start Today:

Time, tide and social media are never constant. The digital landscape is like a clock which is changing with every second. The earlier you learn how to run with it, the better you shall be in the long run.

Social media marketing, although a broad concept, can be taken one step at a time. Instead of creating a different strategy for every platform and overloading the budgets. Choose a site that you want to begin with. Grow from there. The key here is to engage with your customers at their level.

Once, you get the hang of the basics; you can implement comprehensive strategies and expand to other networks. Remember to inculcate a synergistic plan which banks on your offline marketing. This holds power to establish a social media presence and boost those much-coveted conversion rates.

Lastly, it is very important to understand that your social media marketing shall lead to either your website or your local business. Prime both of them to effectively utilize the ripples created on all your platforms.

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