This technique will teach you how to make Digital Dialpad, not a very difficult way to make it. In this Photoshop Tutorial you will learn a lot of new Techniques and use of Tools.

1. Take a new file of size 560×400 with 72 resolution and RGB colormode.

2. Chose Rounded Rectangle Tool rounded-rectangle-tool with following settings and draw a Small rectangle and then copy that rectangle like shown below:


3. Now merge all these layer (don’t include background layer) and press Ctrl+E to merge all these. Press Ctrl+T and right click on it and chose Distort, by using the Nodes make the shape like shown below:


4. From layer panel click on Lock Transparent Pixel stunningmesh-photoshop-tut3-pic5 icon and fill the layer with #fcbf5f color:


5. Run the command Layer >> Layer Styles >> Drop Shadow and give the following settings:


Don’t hit Ok, click on Inner Shadow and give the following settings:


After clicking ok you will get something like this:


6. Press Ctrl+J to copy it and remove the Styles which you just applied. By pressing Ctrl+[ key move this layer behind the previous one, now press Alt+Down Arrow keys 10 times, you will get the following, Merge all copied layers:


7. Again click on Lock transparent Pixels stunningmesh-photoshop-tut3-pic5 icon and fill by #bb7911 color:


8. Switch off Lock transparent Pixel icon and pick Rectangular Marquee Tool rectangular-marquee-tool and by holding Shift key select the bottom part of each Button,


then pick Burn Tool dodge-tool and darken the areas like shown below:


9. Now pick Horizontal Type tool horizontal-type-tool and make each digits, Rasterize each digit layer by right clicking on the layer an selecting Rasterize Layer then adjust these digits like shown below: (by pressing Ctrl+T and right click on it and select Distort and adjust the text)